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Amazing New Jeep Moab Concept Line!

Making its way through the SUV world is the amazing new concept that Jeep has just released. Mercedes might have shown what it is capable of by showing of its gorgeous 6 x 6 G63 AMG, but Jeep has done a fantastic job if it wanted to flaunt how awesome it plans to become in the recent future. With one of the most powerful engines that SUVs are seldom blessed with, the Jeep Wrangler Mopar Recon is all set to give the Mercedes G63 AMG a very strong competition!

We pretty much covered every important aspect about the Mercedes 6 x 6 G63 AMG off road SUV in one of our previous articles. We also stated that the G63 AMG might be the best SUV that might ever be produced. Here we are, stating that the Jeep Wrangler Mopar Recon might threaten the G63 AMG’s legacy quite vigorously. As far as off road experience is considered, the SUV boasts of truck sized 39 inch tyres which can possibly crush sedans with as much ease as we crush a mosquito with. And if you thought that is all that makes the Jeep so amazing, then wait till you check out the engine related specs of the insane beast!

Jeep certainly wished to be crazy this time while designing the Wrangler Mopar Recon’s engine. Note that when we say crazy, we mean really nastily crazy! What other adjective can be used to best describe the 6400cc HEMI V-8 crate engine which is supposed to power the huge sized tyres? Yes, it will be a 6400cc V8 engine, coupled with mammoth sized 39 inch tyres. You name the terrain, and the Jeep will cruise on it as if it is a lonesome highway. What’s more is that the massive engine is capable of deliver an exasperating power of over 470 horsepower, giving the machine the push that it would require for climbing any kind of terrain. If you are still saying “Come on man that could have been better”, then the fact that this engine is combined by a five-speed automatic transmission and a pair of Dana 60 front and rear axles might make you ponder for quite some time!

Wait till you set your eyes upon the vehicle. There can be no doubt in the fact that you won’t be able to take off your eyes from the relentless brutality that the beast would bestow upon you. With the massive wheels as well as rear and front off-road bumpers, the new Wrangler imparts its off-road image quite well. The stock vehicle doesn’t feature any windows, but you can enhance your vehicle with the rear and front window kit add-ons. You can also add LED lights to your headlamps. As far as the interiors are concerned, you will be sitting on beautiful seats made up of a very strong and comfortable material. You can also add a canvas top, if you wish to. We cannot possibly explain how badly we want this machine to go into production. Keeping our fingers crossed is all that we can do!



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