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Lexus Hybrid SUV – A New Plan in the Making

The problems related to excessive emissions rising from the large and ever rising numbers of vehicles has made automobile makers aware of the environmental problems caused by them. It is a well-known fact that SUVs can potentially be a hazardous threat to the environment than other cars, mostly due to the sizes of the body and strong engines that they require. In such a situation, the SUV world has been quite lucky to see the recent upsurge in the number of hybrid concepts which cause much less pollution, without any appreciable loss in performance. Almost all of the leading SUV makers of the world have come up with their own versions of hybrid vehicles like hydrogen hybridised, electricity hybridised and even water driven engines. Lexus decided not to stay away from this, and has been thinking about launching their very own new series of hybrid vehicles, the NX series.

Enjoying the heavy success of its RX series in the United States of America, Lexus has made it clear that it has no intentions of taking actions that might pamper with the sales of the RX models, and hence the United States might not get to see the NX models cruising its streets anytime soon. Anyway, Lexus has made sure that the models of the NX series do not fall behind in terms of performance. Featuring hybridised turbocharged engines, these models would certainly feed the appetites of many speed freaks with ease! However, how much power would these turbocharged engines produce, is not a known fact yet.

Rumours suggest that Lexus has designed two different models of the SUV. The lower model is called Lexus NX200t while the one step superior version is called Lexus NX300h. Lexus hasn’t provided much details about the fine line that divides these two models. All that we know is that the lower model, that is, the NX200t would feature a hybridised 2000cc turbocharged engine, while the NX300h would feature a 3000cc turbocharged engine, also hybridised. As mentioned above, the power outputs of these turbocharged engines are unknown as for now, but one thing that we can say for sure is that it will be more than just enough for amazing values of acceleration and speed! Also, after being hybridised with alternative fuel technologies, these models of the NX series would take hybrid driving experience to an all-new level!

What is the point of discussing about a hybrid car, if we do not disclose the statistics about how much environmental impact does it have? Well, it must be well understood by now that the new NX series does have lesser impact while maintaining the quality of the driving experience. But does the usage of the hybrid engine make it sufficiently eco-friendly? Yes, it does. Expecting dramatically reduced levels of pollutant gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide will be worthy. Also, it is estimated that you will be able to get a fuel economy of over a 40 miles per gallon. Compare this to the traditional SUVs of the same category, and you will see why the NX series is going to be so awesome!

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