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Lincoln Plans To Make It Big With the MKC Concept SUV!

As is apparent from the company’s recent actions and plans, the United States based motor company Lincoln plans to make a fresh start with its amazing new concept hybrid SUV, the Lincoln MKC Concept. The company’s officials have said that they plan to target a younger customer segment with its new concept SUV, and have also stated that they wish to reach to the particular segment of people which can be best classified as ‘anti-brand’ people!

Lincoln also claims that the amount of driver customization that the MKC Concept SUV offers is much more than any other similar vehicle as ever produced. Also, they say that the designers and technicians have done an incredible job and have made quite a ‘creative use of technology’. If these claims are to be believed, then the MKC Concept is surely going to do the trick that Lincoln needs!

We currently do not have a lot of information about what will the hybrid SUV feature under its hood. However, having the Ford Escape as its near kin, we are assuming that you will get to choose from a 1600cc and 2000cc EcoBoost four cylinder engine, as is in the Escape. Of course, there will be some impressive electricity driver power train providing torque to the wheels as well. Lincoln has been quiet about its new product, so we cannot really say what kind of powertrain this would be.

Coming to the beautiful exteriors that the SUV flaunts, we can surely say that the designers of the company have done an incredible job! The first thing that you’ll notice is the huge panoramic glass roof, which certainly adds an immense sense of luxury to the vehicle’s interiors. Also, the split Lincoln front grille that the SUV features has won many hearts of customers as well as critics. It certainly adds the aggressiveness and sportiness that it needs to have in order to attract young customers. The head lamps are also swept back a bit, making the front side look much more stylish. The rear side is also equally beautiful and features gorgeous tail lamps and exhausts.

The interiors, although equipped with modern features, hosts quite a retro kind of atmosphere. The first thing that we would like to mention is that Lincoln has decided ti incorporate the push button transmission system in the SUV Yes, the same kind that was in use in the 1950s. The passengers and driver will also get to enjoy the comfort of extraordinarily soft leather seats that the company plans to use in the interiors. The chrome parts that the interiors use are quite shiny and well-polished, adding another retro touch to the cabin.

Rumours have it that Lincoln plans to increase its sales in China, and also wishes to establish its legacy here. The company will be carrying out the required operations in the country from 2014. The new MKC Concept SUV will certainly play a significant role in the company’s history, both in the US as well as China. The SUV will definitely face a lot of competition from other big shot automakers!

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