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Lotus Elise 2012 Thrills The Crowd

The Paris Auto Show 2010 was where Lotus dazzled the world with the first display of their all-new Elise model that is expected to hit the auto-stores in mid-2015. Of all the concept cars that were revealed at the show, including five others by Lotus itself, it was the Elise 2015 model that grabbed all eyeballs and justifiably so. The car is speedy, decked up with new technology and eye-catchy to say the least; a future best-seller if the production retains all the elements Lotus boasts.

New Concept Lotus Elise 2015The exterior of the Elise 2015 Sports Coupe mirrors the car’s speed and strength. A bold front grille, powerful, sleek headlights and taillights, and slick, almost vertical side-mirrors add to the car’s cool-quotient and sporty look. The two-seater has an elevated posterior and snazzy alloy wheels that seem to have taken inspiration from some elaborate male fantasy. The plush interiors compliment the striking features of the external design. Separated by a rather uniquely designed gear-stick, the two driver-passenger seats seem ultra-comfy with ample room to stretch out and recline. The steering wheel and dash-board are big, broad and sturdy-looking, like the rest of the car. The Elise 2015 is good-looking and luxuriously equipped such that if for nothing else, one may be tempted to buy it, just for the sake of making an impression on any road.

Though the technical specifications have not been confirmed or officially announced by Lotus, rumor has it that it will have a 2.0litre four-cylinder engine that will deliver a whopping 320 Horsepower and 243 pound-feet torque. With a low kerb weight of just about 2414 pounds, the Elise 2015 is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in a matter of 4.3 seconds. The maximum speed will be 167 mph; a racy ride is something that this Elise model guarantees.

The most significant distinction that the Elise 2015 Sports Coupe bears with regard to the current model is its projected fuel efficiency and its ‘mild hybrid technology’. It is to have engine start-stop technology and a dual clutch transmission. As articulated by the CEO of Group Lotus – Dany Bahar, the Elise 2015 will be class-leading in terms of performance and efficiency. The new, technologically advanced version is just a part of the innovation and improvisation initiative that Lotus seems to be focused on.

What is most surprising and rather wonderful is that the expected price is a meek-seeming sum of $55,000; it is not a small amount, but given all that the car has to offer and that Lotus’ competitors have similar cars at much higher price ranges, $55,000 sounds almost economical. Since the Elise 2015 Sports Coupe offers style, speed and fuel-efficiency along with a relatively less budget-blasting price tag, it is no surprise that automobile-lovers are waiting for this car to go into production and hit the roads soon!

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