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Maserati to Launch Ghibli before the SUV, Levante

After being surrounded by rumors about the much awaited new models that the company is about to launch, Italian luxury car maker Maserati’s news reports indicate that the amazing new sedan Ghibli will go into production before the SUV Levante, proving previous rumous wrong. As the designs of the SUV Levante were revealed, the SUV world started anticipating its production and launch, but now it seems that the sedan Ghibli, which will be making a comeback, will go into production first. Maserati has taken many steps as it aims to raise the annual sales by 50,000 units before 2015. One of the most prominent of these steps is that the company is launching new and fresh version of its legendary model, Quattroporte on the car’s own golden anniversary!

The production as well as launching times of the Levante have been preceded by that of the Ghibli. Markets will see the launch of the Ghibli somewhere in 2014 while the Levante is expected to come out in the markets for sale somewhere in 2015. The new Ghibli will come in various models, out of which, the entry level model will feature a turbocharged V6 engine. This engine is expected to deliver a power of around 390 horsepower. A higher version is expected to boast of the Ferrari’s direct injected turbocharged V8 engine. The engine is expected to be a 3800cc engine which will be capable of delivering around 490 horsepower of power. Coupled with these engines will be the amazing eight-speed torque-converter automatic system, which will give the car the sharpness that it needs! Apparently, Maserati wanted to be a bit crazier when it came to the engine statistics of the SUV Levante. The new SUV will feature a V8 engine which will be designed and manufactured by Ferrari itself. The new Quattroporte which is to be launched on the car’s golden anniversary is also going to be equipped with the same engine. Levante will hence enjoy a power output of around 530 horsepower and its wheels will be driven by a torque of 479 lb. – ft. What’s more to the craziness is that the SUV’s engine will be accompanied by an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission, which will only enhance the performance of the beast further.

Both the new Maserati vehicles look stunning! While the Ghibli is said to have look quite similar and as sharp as the Audi A7, the Levante on the other hand features a unique look of its own kind. One can also expect that the company will install some of the best quality suspensions, brakes, etc. which the company will design and produce itself at its own plants. The Ghibli and Levante will face severe competition from cars like Adui S6, S7, Jaguar XF, Mercedes Benz E Class and Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg, etc. respectively. Anyway, the main thing to note here is that although the company seemed quite enthusiastic with the SUV, especially when they revealed the Kubang Concept in 2011, green light has been given to the sedan Ghibli before the new and much waited SUV, Levante.


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