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Nissan Resonance Concept Car

Since Nissan has released so many new as well as concept crossover SUV models over the past few years, it seems like the company is on a SUV spree. And if you were thinking that Nissan must now have been running out of ideas for designing and making new crossover SUVs, then you’re wrong! It launched another concept SUV recently, which has received a lot of appraisal from both critics as well as customers. The new Nissan Resonance SUV concept was launched at the 2013 Detroit Show and is said to be one of the best concept SUVs. It also received the EyesOn Design Award for Best Concept Vehicle at the North American International Auto Show. Let’s take a look!

The Nissan Resonance SUV matches a lot with the current Nissan Murano. It is around the same size as the Murano and weighes the same as well. However, these similarities come to an end as soon as we come down to the looks of the SUV. Nissan has proven the fact that even SUVs can look as stunning as a sports car if designed properly. The sharpness that the SUV features probably comes from the diligently carved surfaces which line the body of the SUV. Also, the Nissan comes with the signature boomerang shaped headlights that Nissan has been using recently. Only difference is that these ‘boomerangs’ are a bit more elongated, giving the headlights a much more stylish look. Among the amazing features, the most noteworthy one is perhaps the spectacular glass roof. This is a full panoramic glass roof which covers almost the entire roof of the car. Also, the Resonance boasts of a very modern interior setting, which features all kinds of advanced technologies that one might need. Also, the interiors are made highly sophisticated with the help of excellent quality leather seats and amazingly elegant surface finish. The front grill and the broad wheels also feature some eye catching colour jobs, which add to the overall look of the vehicle.

The Resonance will feature a hybridised engine, which is quite common for concept models which are coming with us now. The new Nissan combines a traditional gas cylinder with an electric motor and a continuously variable transmission. The SUVV is expected to feature an all-wheel drive system. The traditional engine being used is expected to be a 2500cc V4 engine, which is certainly going to be enough for a vehicle of this size. The added power coming from the motor will only enhance the performance further. The SUV also incorporates the one motor-two clutch system and an advanced power management system. No specific facts are known about the performance and acceleration facts about the SUV yet, but they are surely going to be impressive!

Although the new Nissan Resonance looks pretty amazing currently, changes will definitely be made before it undergoes production. We hope with all sincerity that Nissan doesn’t make any changes in the looks and elegance of the vehicle, as the SUV seems to have won many hearts with the way it looks!

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