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Opel’s Driving Assistance Systems in Compact SUV

If you were a great fan of Opel’s driving assistance systems and compact SUVs both, then we have some great news for you! Opel has never incorporated these amazing systems in its compact segment SUVs, but its all-new Mokka SUV is going to have all those amazing systems, making it one of the best SUVs available out there!

The new Opel Mokka is a compact SUV, which comes with the unique Opel Driving Assistance Systems. These systems include an Opel Eye Front Camera, which has already gained popularity and won prizes when it used to come with larger brethren of the Mokka. Besides the camera, the Mokka features the ESC technology (Electronic Stability Control Technology) as well as Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Hill Descent Control (HDC) Technologies. Opel aims to widen its customer base by introducing these technologies in the rapidly growing compact SUV segment. Read along to know what these technologies are!

Opel Eye Front Camera

The Opel Eye Front Camera is a tiny camera placed between the windshield and the reae view mirror, enabling it to see ahead quite efficiently. The camera is able to read road signs from a large distance and displays them on the driver’s panel. This technology is called the TSR (Traffic sign recognition) function. Besides this, the camera also provides the driver with two other functions – , Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Forward Collision Alert (FCA). The LDW function avoids the situation where the car might stray out of its lane without the driver’s knowledge, giving rise to dangerous situations. LDW function alerts the user in such situations by sounding an audible alarm as well as by the help of a blinking indicator on the driver’s panel. LDW can be switched off as well. The FCA function avoids head-on collisions by alerting the driver by a loud alarm as well as a visual indicator in the situations when the vehicle gets quite close to an object present in front. The sensitivity of the function can be controlled with the help of a steering mounted controller.

Hill Controlling Functions

The HSA function comes in handy when the driver needs to climb an inclined path. This function doesn’t let the vehicle roll back, even after the driver has lifted his foot of the manual braking pedal. The HDC is a very useful function in the conditions where the driver needs to maintain a constant speed. These conditions might arise during situations like driving downhill, driving on gravel roads, driving in icy situation, etc. You can easily switch the HDC on with the help of a button, adjust the speed you want manually, and then leave the rest on the HDC function, which would maintain the speed without using any manual aid!

Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+)

The AFL+ function is also one among the many functions that the Mokka features. This function has 11 different pre-set forward lighting patterns, which ensure that others are not dazzled by your vehicles lights. Mokka uses LED lights, which are far superior and efficient! These pre-sets include patterns like motorway light, town light, pedestrian light, adverse weather light, etc. All these functions make the driving experience quite unique and convenient!

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