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Production of Tesla Model Y SUV Moves To 2020

Photo Source: Avarvarii via AutoExpress

Photo Source: Avarvarii via AutoExpress

Amid growing concerns that Tesla is taking in more than it is capable of, its CEO, Elon Musk, revealed that the production for the Tesla Model Y SUV will officially be moved to 2020. Initially, the plan is for the Model Y SUV to join Tesla’s lineup sometime in 2019.

This information was revealed during a heated investors’ meeting wherein Musk revealed the $710-million net loss because of struggles to produce the Tesla Model 3, which future owners have paid reservations for almost two years ago.

The Model Y will be a new crossover from the Californian EV company. This is a “crucial step” to the second stage of Tesla’s “Master Plan,” which aims to move the firm and expand its current lineup with a second-generation Roadster and commercial vehicle entries, including an all-electric pick-up and a full-sized Tesla Semi truck.

Through its plans of producing smaller SUVs aka crossovers, Tesla is gearing up itself to enter a blooming auto market. The cheaper and smaller offering will allow Tesla to truly enter the true volume vehicle manufacturer’s market.

Musk has been vocal about his excitement for the Tesla Model Y SUV, and has even released an official teaser image of the Model Y’s design last year. It might be similar to the Model X SUV’s form and function, though the Model Y will be smaller. It might even have that Falcon-wing-style doors that Musk initially promised. Other design cues from the Model 3 could be carried over such as the flat, grille-free front end.

Officially, the Model Y will sit under the Model X in Tesla’s range as the second and smallest SUV, but it would also make sense for Tesla to market the Model Y as a Model 3 crossover rather than a smaller Model X. The upcoming Model Y will use the same platform as the Model 3, meaning it might also have the same drivetrains— 220-mile Standard and 310-mile Long Range launch editions.


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