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Range Rover Goes “Semi” Environment Friendly

Since the increasing awareness of the environmental problems that SUVs cause, a number of companies have come up with numerous alternatives which include innovative options like hybrid concepts as well. SUVs are known for their substantially low fuel economies, high levels of pollution causing emissions and a lot more. Under such circumstances, Range Rover has also come up with an effective plan that it will be using for its new SUVs. This alteration will lower emissions by a significant amount while causing negligible fall in power and performance.

As per the company’s new plans, the new SUVs that it will be producing will not be using the traditional V8 engine that almost all the Range Rover SUVs produced till now have featured. Range Rover plans to drop the V8 engine, replacing it with a much more efficient supercharged V6 engine. This new engine is certainly very powerful; it’s a supercharged one after all! However, the company as well as critics hope of seeing much reduced emissions from the new vehicles. Besides the new engine, the new SUVs will also feature some other changes. Range Rover seems to be getting a makeover!

Technically speaking, we all know that the supercharged V6 engine is going to be somewhat slower than the beast like V8 engine, but the improved efficiency and the lower emissions are a much desired characteristic! The V8 engine that Range Rover was using till now produces an overwhelming power of 375 horsepower. This power is used to produce a torque of 375 lb. – ft. This torque is enough to thrust the SUVs from rest to a speed of 60 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds. However, the supercharged V6 engine under consideration produces a reduced power of 340 horsepower. This means that the torque produced by the engine reduces to 332 lb. – ft. As a result, the time taken to reach the speed of 60 miles an hour from a zero is 7.1 seconds. The difference of just 0.6 seconds might sound big to you, but not when the fuel economy statistics are considered! SUVs with V8 engines boast of a mileage of 14 miles per gallon while running in cities and 20 miles per gallon on highway. The increased mileages featured by these SUVs with the new engines are expected to rise to 16 and 22 miles per gallon respectively. The combined mileage will hence rise from 16 miles per gallon to 18 miles per gallon. Not only this! The Carbon dioxide emissions are also expected to reduce by over 22%!

Among the other changes that Range Rover plans to make, one pleasant change is that they are going to reduce the prices listed on the price tags of the various features that they offer. Anticipate lower prices for features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Rear Locking Differential, Tow Package, etc. Also, one of the colours that were offered has been taken back, while two new variations have been added to the already magnificent fleet of SUVs!


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