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Renault Kwid – A Peek Into The Future

In the world of the futuristic concept automobiles, one can find many innovative and creative ideas in the crossover SUV field as well. From unique exterior looks to innovative features or performance systems, you will find them all. However, the well reputed French automobile giant, Renault, decided to step things up a notch. The consequent result of this decision was the Renault Kwid SUV Concept.

As we dug deeper into the features and the looks of the SUV, we quickly concluded that the SUV will target young customers looking for fancy and aggressive rides, combining style and technology together. Worthy of mentioning, the Renault Kwid features so many of unique technical features and looks that it definitely looks like a new generation revolutionary vehicle. Some might even go as far as calling the design of the vehicle impractical. But hey! Even the airplane model made by the Wright Brothers back in history was called impractical, wasn’t it?

Look at the exteriors of Renault Kwid and you will notice an aggressive looking sturdy design which at the same time, looks extremely futuristic. To top it all, the company revealed the model with a steel finish, accompanied by shiny yellow touches here and there. The front grill is also painted yellow. It might sound quite awkward but wait till you get a look at the thing! The vehicle looks really mighty and yes, futuristic.

Now if you thought the exteriors were a bit too much, wait till we introduce you to the interiors. The vehicle features a completely new and opposite interior layout as compared to the modern cars. There is a space for three passengers in the front while two in the rear. Another very strange thing about the interiors is the fact that the driver sits in the centre of the car, while the two front passengers sit in the sides, turned a bit away to the outwards so as to keep the interference with the driver controls to a minimum. Also, the looks of the interiors of the car suggest that Spiderman might have practiced his targeting skills there, as the entire space is covered by thick band like designs.

And if you thought that Renault is done with this, then you’re wrong. The most impressive and daring feature that comes with the car is a quad copter.  Yes, you read it right. A drone. The SUV comes with a drone, which can be controlled wirelessly with the help of a tablet device, which also comes with the car itself. Now if you get stuck in a jam, just take your badass quad copter out and fly around to see what’s going on ahead!

Getting under the hood, we found a 1200cc engine powered by petrol and turbocharged with the help of a turbocharger. The engine of Renault Kwid will be mated to a dual clutch transmission system, adding to the uniqueness of the car. Further features include high tech stuff like electrically controlled doors, touchscreen controlled gear shifting (with the help of a screen placed by the steering wheel), etc. With such unique innovations, the Renault Kwid might now really face any stiff competition. But, will it be practical enough to attract buyers?

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