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SsangYong Tends to Give Strong Competition With Its LIV-1 Concept!

The South Korean motor company SsangYong has been showing great potential and trying to give some great competition to the largest automobile giants like Audi, BMW, etc. Lately, the company has been planning to release a series of SUVs which it has named the LIV series. The acronym LIV expands to Limitless Interface Vehicle. The SsangYong Motor Company has now planned to transfer the status of the first LIV, the LIV-1 from a ‘concept’ to ‘under production’. Reportedly, the company plans to place the LIV-1 between the Rodius and Rexton, which are the company’s one of the bestselling and famous SUVs.

You might be wondering that what ‘Limitless Interface Vehicle’ means. Apparently, the South Korean automaker thinks that a SUV featuring a full hoard of visual interfaces for its luxurious operations is cool. Well, we can’t agree more. Imagine what it would be like to enter a SUV and find a handful of touch screen and other display interfaces ready to serve you! The LIV 1 features five different displays intended for different purposes. The first and the largest one is a 10 inch display, which cerves as the central console of the vehicle. There are two more displays, both measuring 7 inches each. These are placed in the headrests of the front seats, and are intended to provide seamless entertainment to the passengers sitting in the rear seats. Among the many amazing futuristic technologies, one is the arrangeable metre cluster which features a Special Sense Technology. This enables the driver to place the gauges the way it pleases him.

SsangYong unveiled its LIV-1 concept at the Seoul Motor Show in 2013. The company’s employers have now confirmed that the SUV will be going under production very soon. The LIV-1 is essentially a large SUV, and hence doesn’t face competition from the large number of compact SUVs that are entering the SUV world. Not much is known about the technical specifications of the SUV. All we know currently is that the SUV features an all-wheel drive system.

In brief about the company

As mentioned above SsangYong is a South Korean Automobile maker. The company was founded in 1954 and is sometimes counted among the country’s top five largest automobile manufacturers. However, on a global level, it had been kept in dark until now because most of its products couldn’t match the international class SUVs that high end companies produced. In April 2010, the company announced that a few companies, both from local and foreign origins were interested in buying the company.  As a result, the shares of the company rose by 15 percent. In February 2011, the Indian automobile giant Mahindra & Mahindra Limited bought 70% of the company’s shares, and is now regarded as the parent company. SsangYong, in an attempt to mend its broken image in the global market, has renovated almost all of its products, and now promises a very bright future.  It is certainly good to see new companies coming up and giving strong competition to the automobile giants that rule the markets. We wish the Asian company luck and a bright future!



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