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Stolen and Crashed Dodge Challenger with 1,000 HP Goes to SEMA Against All Odds

dodge challenger (2)

One Dodge Challenger currently displayed at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas has an interesting story to tell other than its overwhelming 1,000 hp output. The car has been stolen and crashed into a police car but it still managed to reach the event.

According to reports, the Challenger was modified by the Vermont-based Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance for this year’s SEMA. However, on October 30 at around 11:30 AM, the Troopers of the Nevada Highway Patrol were on the move to locate it after it was reported stolen from an overflow parking lot at the casino near the display floor of the auto event.

It was soon found by a Trooper inside the parking of Rio Hotel and Casino. As the Trooper was exiting his vehicle, the culprit rammed the Challenger into his patrol car. After that, the tuned muscle car was driven away from the scene but it was later recovered in an abandoned state at The Boulevard Mall.

The perpetrator was eventually arrested on November 5 after he allegedly shot someone outside a local grocery. Luckily, the victim survived the ordeal with non-fatal injuries and was confined to a hospital.

Despite all the drama and damage to the Challenger, one would understand if the Quintin Brothers will no longer participate at the SEMA Show. Then again, since the story gained a lot of attention, they still brought the car at the event. Currently, the auto is in a state of disrepair with its front bumper barely hanging on to it. There’s also a yellow police tape draped on it and the interior still has some of the trash left behind by the thief.

The exhibit features a full write-up narrating the car’s whole ordeal. Adam Whitmarsh, the Trooper that was nearly hit by the Challenger came to the show as well.

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