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Swanky New Mercedes S500 Plug-in-Hybrid 2014

There are two types of vehicles, largely. One category is of those beauties that are stunning at first sight. There is no comparing the way they make you feel. One vroom past you and you are left gasping for more. They make heads turn and they stop he world for you, which is the result of some mind-blowing innovation, some stark features here and there and a lot of aura that has long been created in your mind by the company and by the others drooling over it. Then there is the other kind, that doesn’t catch your eye shockingly. It takes time to settle in your heart, to make a point, gives subtle indications before revealing its true charms. It takes its own sweet time to make you realize that you have been down that road but this time, it has been adorned very tastefully just for you. And in such a category there falls one beauty- behold the Mercedes S500 Plug-in-Hybrid, which is very chic, very grad and very, very desirable.

So, we are guessing that it is no fun to go straight to the looks, reveal the details and kill the fun. No, we aren’t killjoys. We are going to take you slowly through the spec sheet of the MercedesS500 Plug-in-Hybrid and make you go crazy over this beauty. If you do hold its specifications in front of you, we bet the first thing that will come to your attention is the combined fuel consumption which is at 100.9mpg and the CO2 emissions have been brought down to 65kg/km, with a special emphasis on going 0-62 mph in roughly 5.2 seconds. Yes, you got it right, this one has been designed and engineered to care about the environment.

Now who minds a sensitive gorgeous creation! We certainly don’t. The greener S class! Oh we totally love this part. And then moving on, the Mercedes S 500 Plug-in-Hybrid has a 3.0-litre capacity petrol V6 that also has an amazing motor with a caliber of 114bhp.  If that was not enough, this one is a first of the hybrids, almost 10 of them that have been created to hit the roads in the year 2017. Yes, there already have been some hybrids by Mercedes but the motor functioning in those is a tad different from this one. So, technically, we cannot say that they fall in the same league.

There is so much more about the Mercedes S500 Plug-in Hybrid that chances are you will not have enough time to catch up with its offerings. One more feature that would go specially for those who totally dig news stories about speed capacity is that this charmer can handle low-speed gliding to a great extent. We would also like to slip in the fact that it comes with a bigger battery and can easily float to 20 miles much before the petrol engine comes to life! Now that is one hell of a vehicle and it is quite understandable if it makes you forget about your destination!

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