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Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG | An Absolute 6×6 Beast!

What else can a SUV intended for off road purposes have, besides an insanely powerful engine and an impeccable strong body? Six wheels, maybe? Ask Mercedes the same question, and you will get a ‘yes’ as your answer! Mercedes has introduced a 6 x 6 SUV, which has been welcomed to the SUV world very warmly by SUV lovers as well as critics. Any SUV lover would love the unique 6-wheeled beast once he or she acknowledges the advantages that the vehicle possesses. Accompanied by a crazier than ever engine, this beast can deliver flawless performance in almost every terrain that you can think of!

They named it Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6. We think that this is a pretty cool name for such a monstrous vehicle. Anyway, needless to say, the G63 AMG is perhaps the best off road SUV that has ever been produced. It might even end, and of course, conquer the battle of the best off road SUV once and for all. However, being an off road vehicle doesn’t make it a bad on road choice. Take your monster out of your garage and go on a cruise on a highway. You might turn quite a number of eyes towards yourself. Maybe more than that you will possibly be able to pull off with a Lamborghini!

We mentioned an insanely powerful engine above. What other adjective would you use for a twin-turbocharged 5500cc V8 engine? Yes, you read it right. Capable of providing the six wheels with a power of around 536 horsepower, the engine thrusts the machine from rest to a speed of 62 miles an hour (100 kilometres per hour) with a flabbergasting acceleration in barely six seconds! Speaking of the highest attainable speed, the G63 AMG can touch the mark of 100 miles per hour (160 kilometres per hour). It might seem less if you go on comparing statistics with Lamborghinis or Porsches, but don’t skip on the fact that these supercars don’t have to carry a 3.8 tonne machine on six wheels. Also, put your Porsche off road and its half dead. The G63 AMG wouldn’t lose traction on any possible surface!

Another monstrosity that the G63 AMG boasts of is the size of the wheels. The beast comes with mammoth sized 37 inch wheels. Stuck in traffic? Consider crushing the tiny vehicles in front of you! The clearance from the ground is also quite large, and you will be able to confront any obstacles while driving off road!

Amazing things lose their charm if present in large numbers, and Mercedes knows it. Henceforth, only 30 or so models of the G63 AMG will be made. If you are lucky, and yes, rich enough to ever lay your hands upon the beast, you might be one of the lucky people who will ever get the chance to feel the monstrosity that Mercedes has offered. It will be quite interesting to see how other SUV makers respond! What if the idea of an 8 x 8 SUV comes up next? Only time will tell.

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Expands and Evolves

All SUVs are not created equal- especially when it comes to their roomy interiors. Luckily, luxury auto brand Mercedes-Benz knows exactly what its family-friendly buyers desire, and the company has worked diligently to address many of the issues large families face. In short, if you’ve been searching for a large, family-friendly SUV that got both luxury and style, you should check out the new 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL- Class, which has been stretched quite a bit for the next model year.

Power: The newest GL- Class boasts more clout than its predecessor, with a 3.0-liter BlueTec diesel engine that produces 240 horsepower and 455 lb.-ft. of torque (an increase of 40 hp and 50 lb.-ft.) The GL 550 models, for their part, feature a new 4.7-liter twin-turbocharged gasoline engine, with engine output varying depending on the trim level of the model. All GL- Class models come with a seven-speed automatic transmission that’s also available on the smaller Mercedes-Benz M- Class.

Exterior:The exterior of the new Mercedes-Benz GL- Class has seen several edits since the last model year, from the new flared wheel arches and side stampings on the back of the vehicle to its new LED and bi-xenon lights. This style makeover seems to be inspired most by the newest Mercedes-Benz M–Class. Of course, as mentioned, the new Mercedes-Benz GL- Class models have also been stretched. The U.S.-made GL- Class is longer, wider, and taller than the current 2012 model.

Safety Features: Include Crosswind Assist, Parktronic with Active Park Assist, Collision Prevention Assist (to help prevent rear-end collisions), Pre-Safe (which prepares drivers for collisions), Adaptive Brake Assist (prepares the braking system for an upcoming collision), a rear-view camera, Attention Assist (to help protect and alert drowsy drivers), and adaptive high-beam assist for the headlights on the new Mercedes-Benz GL 350 and the Mercedes-Benz GL- 450 models. The most luxuriously-appointed GL- Class model, the Mercedes-Benz GL 550 adds Lake Keep Assist and Passive Blind Spot Assist (optional on other models). Adaptive cruise control is optional for all models as well.

Inside the Cabin: The new GL- Class also looks quite a bit like the Mercedes-Benz M-class inside, with such features as: the brand’s multi-function COMAND control system, an optional hard drive-based navigation system (which is standard for the 550 model), a seven-inch display that control’s the vehicle’s audio and entertainment options, tailored leather seating (on the 550 model- faux leather Artico material for the other trims), a climate control system, 10.4 cubic feet of storage in the rear cargo area, and three rows of seating.

Overall, the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL- Class is quite luxurious, well-appointed, and provides ample space for large families. Of course, it’s not the speediest vehicle around at zero-to-sixty in 8.8 seconds for the base model, but it does achieve an amazing 5.6 seconds for the 550 model, which is quite impressive for a family-hauler. Families of five or more are sure to appreciate the room it has to offer, and it has the capacity to hold up to seven persons. The GL 350 starts at $73,700, while the top-of-the-line GL 550 starts at $95,900.

Stay tuned with for more SUV updates, and don’t forget to check out our fantastic new vehicle reviews!

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