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Mercedes Flaunts Excellence With its 2014 M Class SUV!

Mercedes is known for its extraordinary luxury sedans that it has been producing, and had lately been taking steps to get into the SUV world as well. It was doing quite well till now but with the new 2014 M Class SUV, the company has very literally scored an ace. The M Class is a delightful blend of a legendary off road performance and the flawless luxury sedan like comfort, feel and ride that Mercedes is most famous for!

The Mercedes M Class is one SUV whose off road capabilities will never be judged to the fullest by an average user. The 2014 model of the SUV makes sure that along with these capabilities, the M Class also looks aggressive enough to flaunt off its off road capabilities. Although the Mercedes M Class looks much more aggressive, it is as amazing as the luxurious Mercedes sedans are from the inside. Flaunting luxurious as well as extremely spacious interiors, the M Class makes up to one of the best choices in the five seater crossover category!

Since we are talking of the vehicle’s interiors, it is necessary to mention that how amazing and comfortable are its seats and interiors. As far as the front seats are concerned, they come well equipped with features and comforts that one must expect from a Mercedes. The second row is also extremely spacious for tall people. However, it might feel a little congested if three adults are to be seated simultaneously. You will instantly notice the difference between the interiors of the 2014 model and the previous models as the company has made use of much finer materials in the interiors, making the feel and the ride as amazing as other Mercedes sedans!

Besides the feel and comfort, the M Class also flaunts of the ride and performance matching that of the company’s luxurious sedans. The SUV comes in four different models – RWD ML350, 4Matic ML350, 4Matic ML350 BlueTEC and the 4Matic ML550. The first two models are the base models and come with V6 petrol engines of 3500cc displacement. The RWD model comes with a rear wheel drive while all others come with all-wheel drive systems. The 4Matic ML350 BLueTEC is the diesel variant and comes with an intercooled V6 turbo diesel engine with a 3000cc displacement. The top model (ML550) comes with a petrol engine as well. However, it is much more powerful than the base models as the engine used is a 4700cc V8 engine with twin turbo premium unleaded injection.  One can even enhance the performance of their vehicles if they opt for the packages that the company provides.

The Mercedes M Class features extraordinary off road performance as the company provides many specific features under the 4Matic tag. 4Matic’s 4-ETS torque distribution system is capable of distributing nearly all of the engine’s torque to any one of the wheel in need. The vehicle’s suspension is also strikingly efficient for both on road and off road usage. The company also provides customers with a special dedicated off road performance package which loads up the M class with features like the automatically detaching roll-bar system.

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