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2014 Range Rover Sport: The All New Discovery Platform For Sports SUV Enthusiasts

This year, the Range Rover is not at all the same as it used to be earlier. The all steel structure of 2014 Range Rover Sport has underpinned even the last years Land Rover model and fails borderline from being sporty. However, the new owners of Land Rover i.e. Tata Motors have deployed a new generation aluminum structure which is light in weight and was also seen first time in the Range Rover launched last year. The weight reduction for a 2014 Range Rover sport is somewhere around 800 pounds which actually makes some difference.

However, the weight reduction might seem interesting to some if you give importance to the expanded dimensions of this version. Newly launched 2014 Range River Sport is 2.4 inch longer and 2.2 inch wider in comparison to its predecessors. The additional seven inches on wheel base make this SUV more subtle and balanced while also getting away from its predecessors’ bling styling. The newly introduced seven seat option, which is usually not a part of a full Range Rover is good but perches are small. However, no comprise is made on seating space and enough attention is paid to the comfort of driver as well as passengers.

Quality improvements in the well equipped, well designed and reconstructed inside cabin are quite apparent with extra wheel base offering more space. Reorganized seats have made seat comfort a priority with a bit of compromised luggage space, but we are not complaining. Materials used for building interiors are certainly of high quality and feels lovely to touch, must say the interiors are well thought while designing. However, rear seats are only generously comfortable, but overall the Range Rover sport offers loads of useful storage options and rather grand front seat comfort.

All electronic dashboard seems a little dumpy and disappointing in comparison to the remaining interior and the touchscreen controls of the infotainment panel are also a bit laid down as compared to the touchscreen panels available on its competitors. While on road, the 2014 Range Rover Sport ensures comfortable ride, graduated roll control, subtle approach to road bumps and well weighed steering that offer accurate performance. Some test drivers might find wading depth indicator a gimmick but is completely optional. Riding on tough rocks and want to protect tires? Here comes the all around cameras to show the exact position of the wheels in relation to the road, and trust it’s brilliant.

For a tough journey among mountains and mud, 2014 Range Rover sport is the SUV to watch out for as the comfort it and driving dynamics it offer are undoubtedly not available in any other crossover coming at its price.

The next gen Range Rover starts at a price of $20,000 and also has extra two seats on offer, which is not as bad as it seem too many. If you are looking for sports SUV and belong to families hauling from rich parents then surely 2014 Range Rover Sport is your safest bet for a futuristic crossover.

2014 Range Rover Sport Gets a Makeover!

What can be better than a SUV that no one can seem to dislike, no matter what? Yes, the same darling SUV being renovated into an even better and mightier one! Same is the case with the already amazing Land Rover Range Rover Sport. The new 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport is all set to get a makeover, which will surely help it maintain the great prestige and position that it flaunts of in the SUV world. Now one thing that we would like to mention is that when we say that the SUV is being renovated, we mean that it is being changed to quite a great extent! What else would the incorporation of a power operated third row of seats mean?

Yes, you read it right! Among the changes being made to the Range Rover Sport, our favourite one is the third row of seats that is being added to the cabin. In case you might ever need to travel with a larger number of passengers than you thought you will be travelling with, this feature will be best friend. The power operated third row is perfect for such cases! Now the question that arises is that will the engine be able to provide enough thrust for the added number of passengers? Well, wait till we tell you how powerful of an engine does the beast boast of!

Land Rover apparently plans of heading to insane levels of power and acceleration. Why? Well, the 2014 Range Rover Sport will be available with two different kinds of engines. The lower model will come with a 3000cc supercharged V6 engine, which will be able of delivering a power of 340 horsepower. And if this isn’t insane enough for you, then Land Rover has a crazy 5000cc supercharged V8 engine in stock for you! A 5000cc V8 engine. Supercharged! This mighty machine will deliver 510 horsepower, and is capable of possibly launching the vehicle into space. Now, both of the engines are paired with a ZF eight-speed transmission. Either a single-speed Torsen differential or an optional two-speed transfer case with low range will be incorporated to send the power to the roads. Also, the Terrain Response 2 system that the SUV boasts of enhances the off road riding experience by many folds!

Another important thing to note is that the new 2014 Range Rover Sport will weigh 800 pounds lesser! The extensive usage of aluminium in the new model has helped chopping the weight down significantly. Also, in order to make it faster and agiler, Land Rover has incorporated a sleeker widescreen front glass, which makes the vehicle more aerodynamic. Another significant change that you will find in the new Range Rover is the larger wheelbase. Land Rover has added an extra seven inches to the SUV’s wheelbase. Coming to the interiors, you will find a subtler and more responsive yet smaller and thicker steering wheel. You will also find comfortable and heavily padded seats, accompanied by a much larger interior space. The luxurious features that the SUV will feature will make it an absolute delight to travel in!



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