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The Upcoming Skoda SUV 2016 all Set to Sweep you of your Feet!

It is almost like a rage, a revolution in the motor world. How else could one explain every company venturing into creating SUVs. Very clearly, SUVs have emerged as the ‘in thing’. So, it is not really a biggie anymore if a new, amazing SUV is waiting to greet you every second day. There have been many shocking new entries in the SUV segment, of late. And if you follow the fascinating motor world, you would definitely agree that there have been many SUVs that have caught you by surprise. One such new kid on the block is the upcoming Skoda SUV 2016 which has pleasantly teased quite a few people who didn’t see it coming.

So, agreed that Skoda has not had a very glorious past in terms of SUV offering. As far as we remember, the only one it threw our way was the Yeti. And what a brilliant performer it is! Who can deny its success on a global level? It was beautifully received in most countries where, there was an insane demand for this smart and sporty machine. However, the results were different in the Indian subcontinent where, surprisingly, there weren’t many takers for this one. So not only are we hearing that the upcoming Skoda SUV 2016 is all set, we are also sure that the Skoda Yeti will get a facelift and come around to win our hearts! Chances are that this one too is going to fascinate its fans the world over and who knows, this time, it also catches the Indian fancy. You never know what kind of a reaction a vehicle is capable of getting! It is all very unpredictable which is what makes it so exciting too! Isn’t that the reason we are so glued on to updates from the motor world.

On that note, there are many stories doing rounds that Skoda is also planning to give us a seven-seater SUV. This one, we have heard, is going to be definitely a notch or two above the Yeti, our favorite Skoda SUV, so far! So, this means, the upcoming Skoda SUV 2016 is not the only offering! We have a machine that is going to be better than Yeti – sounds like wow! In addition we have also heard that it is going to be competing against Hyundai Santa Fe and probably, Honda CR-V! Now who would have foreseen this! However, all those who are discarding it as just rumor should know that this is definitely going to happen! We have heard about the preapproved plan that, too, by the top guys in the company. It has also been heard that the prototypes are going through the testing phase of Skoda SUV 2016.

If that has taken you aback, wait till you find out about Skoda’s sister company SEAT also planning to offer an SUV that will be on the same platform as Yeti! With the upcoming Skoda SUV 2016 and many more lined up after it, we see no escape but to wait and watch the SUV revolution. As always, remember, it is not official!


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