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Volkswagen Released a Teaser of the 2017 Polo R WRC

Polo R WRC

Volkswagen has just released the teaser of its 2017 Polo R WRC, representing a third-generation design for the VW rally car that will be a contender in the 2017 World Rally Championship.

Since it returned in 2013, Volkswagen has been the dominant force in the World Rally Championship. It won the title every year since then, but it’s not simply contented with that as it comes out with details of the first WRC car for 2017.

According to a source, the car is based on the Polo subcompact. However, every component will be changed as opposed to the current model. The race car is lighter, wider and more powerful, thanks to the new regulations released. In addition, the design team got more free hand on this model in terms of aerodynamic regulations.

The 2017 Volkswagen Polo R WRC will have a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that can produce 375 horsepower, up from 315 horsepower on the current car. Its weight is reduced by 25 kilograms to 1,175 kilograms from 1,200 kg. The width of the car, thankfully, increased by 50 millimeters.

There are other adjustments made in the car such as the addition of an electric center differential, a broader front spoiler, and a large rear wing. The exterior details are still being finalized, so don’t expect the Polo R WRC to look exactly as teased. There may be some adjustments by the start of the new season—at the Rally Monte Carlo in January 2017.

Volkswagen Motorsport boss Jost Capito said that the new regulations for the WRC made technical innovations possible. These regulations made the car more dynamic but safer as well.

Next season, we should expect more competition from other rally car makers, Toyota especially. Plenty is at stake for these rally cars as soon as the new season opens. Volkswagen is expected to tweak its 2017 rally car even further.

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