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INKAS Releases AR App For Its Armored Vehicles

inkas armored vehicle ar inkas armored vehicle

Not to be outdone by the high-tech smart cars, hypercars, and even crossovers of today’s auto industry, Canada’s armored vehicle maker, INKAS, released an augmented reality app that will allow anyone to view the INKAS Sentry MPV and the INKAS Sentry APC online in a three-dimensional, 360-degree environment.

Launched recently and now available for download in the App Store and Google Play, the augmented reality app will bring the armored vehicle industry closer to its intended market. It is the first of its kind in the industry, according to a statement from INKAS, and gives anyone the ability to view INKAS’ vehicles anytime, anywhere.

AR is not a new technology by any means of the word. In fact, it has been increasingly present in films, social media, video games, healthcare, and even interior design, but INKAS wants to use augmented reality to provide a new way for people to experience its vehicles.

Through the app, interested people can virtually step inside the vehicle and check out the vehicles. This does not only give the target market the flexibility to shop around without the need to visit the actual showroom but they can also envision the vehicle in real time anywhere in the world.

One of the main features of the app is the ability to change the vehicle’s finishing with spray paint. This custom-design feature aims to add fun to the “window shopping” experience. It also allows prospective clients to see how the color can change the look and feel of the vehicle.

The app also allows interested groups to navigate the vehicles’ “protective features” through the Features mode, which provides visual cues and descriptions of the vehicles’ features. Among the protective features are reinforced ballistic glass and blast protection.


Porsche Passport Gives Access to 22 Different Porsche Models

porsche passport

Do you want to drive up to 22 different Porsche models without buying one? If you are in Metro Atlanta, you can do so with the Porsche Passport.

According to Autoweek, Porsche Passport is a program that can be accessed via a mobile app. Through subscription, members can drive up to 22 Porsche sports cars and other vehicles. It offers unrestricted mileage, frequent vehicle switches and on-demand access.

The company announced that vehicle deliveries for members will start in November, which also marks the pilot of the program. However, it will only be available in Atlanta for now where the headquarters of Porsche Cars North America Inc. is located. Porsche and Clutch Technologies, a known subscription vehicle service provider, are working in partnership for the program.

While Porsche Passport sounds really amazing, it does come with a hefty price tag though. Membership subscription costs from $2,000 to $3,000. And that’s only for a month of access of the program. There is a one-time activation fee of $500 as well.

The source said that there are two membership plans available for interested parties:

1. Launch Plan

For $2,000 monthly, members can have access to up to eight Porsche vehicles. The selection includes the 718 Boxster going to the Cayman S, Macan S and Cayenne.

2. Accelerate Plan

For $3,000 a month, the plan gives access to all 22 Porsche autos, including the ones featured in the Launch plan. Customers can also switch among the popular vehicles of the brand like the 911 Carrera S, Panamera 4S, Macan GTS and the Cayenne S E-Hybrid models.


The report noted that the fixed rate of the plans already cover the vehicle tax and registration charges plus the insurance, maintenance and detailing.

How to Get Porsche Passport

Interested customers residing in Metro Atlanta can download the Porsche Passport app through the App Store and Google Play Store. The application process is detailed in the app.

Hyundai Genesis Gets Linked with Amazon’s Alexa

hyundai genesis

Hyundai announced that its Genesis luxury sub-brand is offering an integration with Amazon’s Alexa. The “skill” provided by the service enables the driver to issue certain commands to the car.

Alexa, the voice service of Amazon, lets users access certain capabilities or skills. The said elements allow them to interact with devices like the Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Tap, and Echo Dot. The system is integrated in the Hyundai Genesis Connected Services suite. The technology is available in the Genesis G80 and G90 sedan. The good news is that purchasing the new G90 comes with a gift card for the Amazon Echo.

The owner can simply issue commands directed to his car using the abovementioned compatible Amazon devices for the Alexa. As an alternative when the user is not near an Amazon device, he can still access the feature using a dedicated web portal or using his smartphone app.

When near Amazon devices, dedicated apps or web portal, the user can start the service by saying, “Alexa open Genesis.” Then this can be followed by commands such as “Alexa, tell Genesis to lock my car,” or “Alexa, tell Genesis to start my car at 70 degrees,” and others. The commands will be forwarded to the Genesis G80 or G90. From the car, the user can also control the Amazon devices he has at home.

The partnership of Hyundai and Amazon started yesterday (August 19, 2016). To use the service, the owner should enable the Genesis “skill” using the Alexa app. The app will run the owner through the whole activation, tutorial and customization process.

It was revealed through a report that the Alexa app in the Hyundai Genesis G80 and G90 functions by starting the car, controlling its air conditioning and heating system, operating the locking functions of the doors, and turning on the lights of the auto.

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