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2015 BMW X1

BMW is all set to bring its 2015 BMW X1 as a latest entrant for the futuristic SUV market.  If you compare the current model of BMW X1 with its predecessors, you will find that it is smaller and lighter, wherein the overall dimension of the new vehicle playing important role in widening the gap between the two variants, also the new version comes with sportier look and feel. However, the platform, engine and interior fittings will remain the same as the previous BMW X1 model, but will be powerful with enhanced performance dynamics. This compact luxury SUV from BMW will be highly fuel efficient with its turbo charged motors and will come with an automatic maintenance reminder feature, to keep it stay abreast with the latest improvements and performance dynamics.

The aggressive redesigning of 2015 BMW X1 has made it look refreshed and it has also been updated with the use of enhanced quality material wherein the classy chrome touch is also added for extra elegance. The overall design of BMW X1 2015 is expected to be modern and luxurious with the addition of interesting features like iDrive interface and automatic transmission joystick. If you measure it you will find that 2015 BMW X1 is till the date the smallest crossover that BMW has come up with and its rear seats are quite small in size. The foldable rear seat backs can provide enough space for keeping luggage easily. The redesigned crossover looks different because of its small size and some of its designing elements are clearly copied from X3 and X5.

The car maker has invested a lot of time and energy in redesigning its 2015 BMW X1 just to make it look improved for their new UKL platform. Nevertheless, the hard work has paid well and the new BMW X1 looks new, fresh and special. The redesigned and reshaped front portion of 2015 BMW X1 has captivating headlights and a new grille, which has a unique kidney shape a trademark for BMW making it look aggressive and sportier from front. A sharp look at its front and you will notice a big air intake beside headlight and grille. The redesigning of rear eng has added longer wheel base to BMW X1. Automatic climate control system, five climate control modes, AUX-IN connection, professional navigation system, USB interface system, sensor equipped system parking distance control and standard audio system are some of the interesting features to look forward in BMW X1.

The interior of latest BMW X1 has enough space, headroom and legroom to make it a comfortable SUV. The car offers excellent comfort for families willing to enjoy long drives and to make it all interesting the interior is equipped with fine quality material and advanced technology. The 2015 BMW X1 comes with the engine option of both gasoline and Diesel and will most probably have three cylinder and four cylinder inline engines along with V6 engine option. 9 speed automatic transmission will be the latest addition and the base option will come with front wheel drive feature to make it even more interesting. So just wait for the little giant to hit the market.

The 2014 BMW X7

BMW X7 has always been a newsmaker. Since its initial media leak and ostensible demise when the brand allegedly didn’t feel the need for a large SUV back in 2008, the X7 has been playing hide and seek quite well. 2011’s modestly improving economy and America’s relentless appetite for crossovers possible rekindles the project again. Once more there were all sorts of rumors and guesses regarding a possible coming of 2014 BMW X7. While some sources claimed that there is going to be the production of this full sized crossover others deny the new and said that all such plans are long gone. Well, for now, the big BMW X7 is right on its way back again all credits to the Chinese orders.

Said to bear the codename F17, the X7 would, in point of fact, be a long wheelbase version of the very platform that makes the basis of the X6 and X5. The question or rather a problem that arises is that the X5 and X6 already get poor enough fuel economy. As a matter of fact, this, appropriately, was the reason that X7 was dropped back in 2008. Instead the firm decided to spend its development time on the tinier X1 and X3 and its roll-out of diesels in the U.S. The change in the directions of the wind, however, for the large SUV is seen as a result of China pushing the issue.

Along with the X6 platform which is a long wheelbase, the F17 or 2014 BXW X7 is anticipated to take some of its features from the soon coming Audi Q9 and even maybe from the Mercedes GL new generation. Amongst new add-ons, a third row of seats, already detected, is a strong hint or rather a confirmation for more space, enough for 7 passengers.

The release date for the large crossover is a funny thing to predict since BMW X7 has a strong history of jumping out of nowhere and hiding again. Right now the firm is engaged in its project that includes bigger sedan exclusively for Chinese market, but surely that is not really enough to ramp up production of the efficient filling of incoming orders from China. Meanwhile, the brand is also paying attention to comply with sufficient level of supply for Germany and USA. America is considered as a way to rebound with a higher pace than wonderers might expect, by the company’s management, which in turn would result in a lowered need of rebalancing the process whose current rate was defined in the Seoul by some leaders gathered for a meeting. Another potentially shocking proposal was made at the meeting about the cancellation of production of the large new SUV for the American market.

While the 2014 BMW X7 is almost coming back triumphant and has a high chance of getting into production and released to the folks, chances of which are seen in the year 2018, one question still remains. It is yet not know which market the 2014 BMW X7 is meant for. USA or China?

The 2014 Buick Encore

There has been a wide range of sizes available in crossover SUVs but only a few automakers have actually presented the market with absolutely small utility vehicles aimed at consumers who drive in crowded cities. 2014 Buick Encore is one such subcompact crossover. What makes it different from rest of the alleged compact crossovers is the amount of luxury it packs in its small size. The only small SUV viewed as a premium entry in the niche, 2014 Buick Encore marks enough presence with its downsized stout structure to justify its price tag which is anticipated to reach more than $30,000 with a heavy hand on the option list.

The uniquely designed little SUV makes it hard to figure out what it competes with. While the MINI Countryman and Fiat 500L are smaller and quirkier, they stand with completely different designs than that of the Encore. As far as the traditional luxury brands are concerned the only automaker offering an all wheel drive crossover closest to the Encore in size is BMW. And as the BMW X1 shoppers go, it’s hard to say if they even know where their local Buick-GMC dealer is located. For those who seek tall wagons that aim for good gas mileage in a practical, city-friendly size, the Buick Encore stands alone and proud in its more traditional approach to luxury. Consumers who look for small but plush crossovers that is a fine mix of elements of a hatchback and a crossover, and offer an all wheel drive may end up with 2014 Buick Encore with a few other options. While the sales nowhere match the enraging sales of Buick’s mainstay larger Enclave crossover and the LaCrosse sedan, the tiny Encore reaches out to a younger audience and is potentially pioneering a whole new market segment.

The structure of the 2014 Buick Encore attempts to convey a tough and strong look to disguise its box like shape. With a steeply raked front end, the little luxury rides on huge 18 inch wheels. Accommodations impress certain dimensions while appear to be tighter in others. The flexible interior configuration is a plus point. 2014 Buick Encore comes is just one engine and transmission combination currently. A turbocharged 1.4 liter four-cylinder engine from the Chevy Sonic mated to a six speed automatic transmission. Verging on a whopping 3,200 pounds, Encore carries a lot of mass to move with just 138 ponies. If the option all wheel drive is removed and hence the added weight, the little crossover takes about 9 seconds to reach 60 mph from rest and if you need the extra weight to drive all the wheels you’ll need 10 seconds. Handling is as fine as you may get in any tall, heavy wagon with a short wheel base. The all wheel drive models roll more smoothly than the front wheel drive ones.

With its safety features and equipments, the 2014 Bick Encore and its price tag make complete sense. This is one premium luxury crossover that is not at all large, though a bit hefty, but the little SUV makes up for it by being drivable on crowded city roads!

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