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The 2015 Lincoln Navigator – Grand Comeback

The Lincoln Navigator has always been a much loved luxury vehicle for whom the size matters. The big SUV was almost a trend setter. This huge SUV gave automakers like Cadillac and GMC a proof of the virtual law made by Lincoln itself – Size of an SUV is directly proportional to it success. The vehicle is has been so luxurious and stylish that it made it even set its position among celebrities. The recent news about the Lincoln Navigator has cheered up many steadfast customers of the brand. Refreshed with as amazing features it could get as of now, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator was launched with a bang. The 2015 Lincoln Navigator will be savior of the present Navigator line up from the brand. Better news followed with the official launching. The brand plans on redesigning the Navigator into something totally new. That translates to a possibility of seeing the next generation of Lincoln Navigator, soon.

The Lincoln Navigator has been changed on the outside as well as from under the sheet metal for the year 2015. While the car will sport a better, newer face and rear, on the inside it will get more efficient with an engine that’s been reduced in size to heighten the fuel economy. The size is to be kept just the same. The vehicle that makes Ford so proud, Lincoln Navigator’s capability of seating eight passengers comfortably is one of the major factors of its fan following. The updates have never been so crucial considering the fact that SUV’s like Escalade, which were built following the footsteps of the Navigator, now, has much better sales than the Navigator. Now that the Navigator has been upgraded in accordance with the need of the present time, it is expected to stand as one rough competitor for the Cadillac Escalade.

Among the twenty upgrades that the 2015 Lincoln Navigator features this year, one major upgrade is the new signature grille and a newer hood. This is followed by refreshed taillamps and headlamps which are now brighter than ever. The chrome metallic strip that featured on the sides of the SUV is no longer visible.

In place of the 5.4 liter V-8 grunt, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator now boasts a 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged engine. Featuring direct-injection, the engine supplies 370 horses to the SUV and is mated to a six speed automatic transmission. The fuel economy has been amplified by a significant factor due to the smaller engine. Calculated values state 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway, for the new Lincoln Navigator.

The SUV prepares to leave all in awe with its appearance on the Chicago Auto Show happening on this 6th of February. The 2015 Lincoln Navigator will hit production this year in late summer and there is a high probability of the luxurious and monstrous SUV to go on sale by the end of this year. While the current Navigator is priced at around $ 55,000, the 2015 Lincoln Navigator masterpiece is not yet priced.

The 2015 GMC Yukon Denali

Offerings from GMC have been virtually identical considering those bow ties on the grille, and are considered extra-sturdy and durable as a result of the “Professional Grade” marketing campaign. And henceforth the brand has been a consistent performer. One of the secret ingredients to the recipe of success for the brand is its idea of adding new vehicles to its lineup that do not strictly follow the defined lines by the brand or are altered to an extent that they are no longer recognizable as GMC. The very idea is fortified by the new 2015 GMC Yukon Denali. With additions to its equipment including the enhanced power support, new fold-flat rear seat and more comfortable interiors, the 2015 GMC Yukon Denali is powered by a newer engine offering better performance and efficiency. There are prominent changes in the styling and the full sized SUV promises to give its passengers better security and better entertainment with the improved security and infotainment packages.

Powered by an all new 6.2 liter V-8 Eco Tec3 engine, the grand SUV now boasts direct-injection technology, continuously variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation and avant-garde and active fuel management. Mated to a six speed Hydra-matic transmission with tap shift control, tow/haul mode and Auto Grade Breaking, the new GMC Yukon Denali is one step ahead when it comes to technology. Flaunting the best engine in the segment, the robust SUV runs on 420 horsepower and enormous 450 pound feet of torque! And for this very reason the vehicle sports a top speed of 180 mph and is capable of accelerating from rest to 60 mph in a sprint time of 6.8 seconds.

On the inside, the new Yukon Denali is calm and understated. The premium infotainment system sports a soft touch instrument panel, console and Bose surround sound. Dual-firmness foam of the front seats and ambient air ventilation elevates the comfort for the front seat passengers. The calmness of the 2015 Denali is added to by the active noise cancellation technology making everyday commuting into a rather delightful journey. On the outside, it is slimmer and more aerodynamic than its predecessor and hence is more efficient. The front boasts the signature GMC grille and headlamps equipped with exclusive high intensity discharge (HID) lamp. The additional exterior features include illuminated power retractable assist steps, new inlaid doors designed to open into the body side and light aluminum hood along with liftgate panel, a rear spoiler, all new worm screw-style liftgate arms and the standard 20-inch alloy wheels.

The new GMC Yukon Denali is a beasty full sized SUV that appears to be tracing the footsteps of the forthcoming Cadillac Escalade with its elevated level of techno wizardry. Yet the styling of the premium SUV remains essentially GMC. The 2015 GMC Yukon Denali has not yet been officially priced, but the giant SUV is expected to be priced as not much different from the 2014 version and hence the base price is anticipated to be $ 56,820. Despite the content and aspirations of the 2015 Denali are synonymous with Cadillac that bow on the grille marks its GMC-ness!

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