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Geneva Motor Show Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

geneva motor show

The 2020 Geneva Motor Show was called off amid growing public health concerns over the spread of the coronavirus in Europe just days before its press event.

According to CNN, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health has prohibited the gathering of more than 1,000 people until at least March 15 to prevent further spread of the virus. To date, the Swiss authorities have confirmed 15 cases of the disease. The neighboring countries such as Italy and France have 650 and 38 cases while the death toll on the said countries has reached 17 and two fatalities, respectively.

“We regret this situation, but the health of all participants is our and our exhibitors’ top priority,” the show organizers said in a statement on Friday.

The 2020 Geneva Motor Show is supposed to have its media day on March 2, and then it will be open to the public from March 5 to 15. The event is attended by around 220 exhibitors, 10,000 journalists, and 660,000 visitors.

The Geneva show is highlighted by the debut of the world’s most expensive and exclusive cars. These include the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 compact sport utility vehicle, Audi A3 Sportback and Volkswagen Golf GTI. Concept cars are also set to debut in the event, and one of them is the BMW i4 electric vehicle.

Other automakers, however, have decided to lessen their presence from the show because of the virus outbreak even before the huge announcement. Toyota has earlier decided to only let its senior executives and public relations staff with responsibilities in Europe go to the event.

The cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show is just one of the major blows caused by the viral outbreak in the automotive sector. The coronavirus has also forced many car companies to shut down their production plants in China, where their biggest market lie.

The 2020 Audi S6 And S7 Will Sport Different Powertrains

2019 audi s6 and s7 (11)

Europe will still get to enjoy diesel powertrains courtesy of the new 2020 Audi S6 and S7. Both cars will sport different powertrains depending on where they will be sold. The European market will get the S6 and the S7 in a V-6 TDI engine while the North American, Asian, and other markets will receive the cars exclusively with gasoline-powered V-6 TFSI.

Previous models of the S6 and the S7 saw the cars only with gas-powered 4.0-liter TFSI V-8 but Audi decided to go the route of the SQ5 performance SUV for the 2020 S6 and S7.

The TDI engine will be paired with a mild hybrid system and it will be able to generate 349 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. It can reportedly reach 62 mph in just five seconds flat for the S6 TDI and 5.1 seconds for the S6 TDI Avant and the S7 TDI. The top speed is identical for both cars with an electronically-limited 155 mph.

The diesel engines won’t require more than 6.5 l/100km / 36.1 mpg. This means you get to enjoy the performance without the engine gargling too much gasoline. This is the advantage of using a diesel performance car, the concept of which is quite alien to Americans.

The S6 and the S7 cars may be efficient and impressive in terms of performance and tech, but that doesn’t mean that Americans will love these two new offerings from Audi. Maybe if Audi will bring the diesel engines from Europe, the US market will feel enamored with the new cars but seeing as there will only be a gasoline-powered engine offering, Americans may look to other manufacturers.

The gasoline-powered S6 and S7 will source its power from a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine that can generate 444 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque.

NextEV Electric Hypercar Rivals McLaren P1, LaFerrari

NextEV Electric Hypercar

NextEV Electric Hypercar rendering from Autocar.

NextEV is getting ready to reveal its first car “somewhere in Europe” before the year ends. The car is reportedly going to be fully-battery-powered, a testament to the Chinese-backed electric vehicle startup company headed by former Ford President for Europe Martin Leach.

The car will rival both the McLaren P1 and Ferrari’s LaFerrari in terms of performance and price. Reports indicated that the hypercar has been developed at the company’s Munich design center for the past two years. Production, however, will start at the new UK branch.

NextEV was a product of an agreement between Chinese Internet billionaire William Li and Leach at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Leach was Ford’s head of product development before becoming its president for Europe operations. Since that agreement, the startup hired Cisco System’s former chief technology officer, Padmasree Warrior, to run its US operations.

Warrior is heading the software development for the hypercar.

NextEV is gaining ground in concept competitions, too. It won the inaugural Formula E championship for the all-electric, single-seat race cars.

The problem, however, is that NextEV’s market seems to be targeted at the billionaire circle. This would mean ordinary mortals won’t even have the chance to get their hands on the supercar.

But Leach maintained the company’s vision is actually more than just targeting billionaires. It aims to widen its supercar market in the future.

He maintained that the production of the brand’s first hypercar is aimed at attracting and gaining attention, and to show what the company can do technology-wise. Over time, NextEV is expected to showcase more than just supercars.

The first NextEV supercar has been compared to the Tesla model, but Leach said his creation would definitely offer more convenience and accessibility.

We won’t be seeing this hypercar in US soil anytime soon, however. NextEV’s main market would be China, which is under immense pressure to cut down car emissions.

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