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The Upcoming Hyundai iX25 SUV Promises to be Compact and Cool!

The motor world is far from predictable. It manages to keep everyone guessing and anticipating. Which is why, motor enthusiasts have their ears pricked up for the faintest whiff of news. And that is how the winds of rumors and stories begin. One more amazing thing about the motor world is it is never out of variety. So, the moment we had started wondering what Hyundai will send our way, the company saved us the guesses. The company went ahead and officially announced, no, revealed the upcoming Hyundai iX25 SUV 2015. It is said that this piece of beauty, unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, is going to be compact. It is a grand five-seater, packed with a 2-liter petrol engine. What’s more, it is going to hit the Chinese roads before the rest of the world. Needless to say, the country is extremely lucky to host this machine before any other country does. However, India too won’t be far behind in line. It has been heard that the Indian subcontinent gets to see this new Hyundai creation as soon as the next year!

While there aren’t many days to wait, considering many a car keep their fans waiting for years in a row, one can’t help but wonder who are going to be its contenders. Who are going to be set against the upcoming Hyundai iX25 SUV 2015, many experts are found wondering. The obvious answers are staring at us in the eyes – of course, the Ford Ecosport and Chevrolet Trax, the two contenders in the compact SUV segment! There are, in deed, a lot of similarities that these machines share. So, from engine to transmission, there are a lot of common traits. Some are also betting that the body too has been so designed that it can take reasonably easy handling. Design, however, there are speculations, has been taken from Hyundai Santa Fe. And that doesn’t disappoint, for who could say they mind the Storm Edge Design by Hyundai! We have already been bowled over by the Santa Fe and the Tucson and we definitely don’t mind repeating the experience.

We do know that China gets it first, however, India too is all prepared to greet the upcoming Hyundai iX25 SUV, that too in two variants. Yes, that is right. The super SUV is going to be available in both diesel and petrol variants. There are also some hints that point at the company planning to launch a sub four-meter version for the Indian roads. This move is well-strategized, considering it is going to gain from the excise discounts that are available here! Though the company might consider bringing the same model as launched in China but it won’t be so easy to put a reasonable price tag on the SUV.

One can’t deny that the company has not really had a prominent presence in the Compact SUV league. In every other category, it has presented great offerings. However, with the upcoming Hyundai iX25 SUV 2015, the company is likely to take a leap and a big one, at that!

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