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Ready for 2016 Jaguar SUV?

You would agree that when a Jaguar crosses you on a road, everything else ceases to matter. Such is the charisma of this much-coveted brand. So, when the news of on-road testing of Jaguar SUV starts doing rounds, is it possible for motor-lovers to control their emotions? Hear one, hear all – to be released in 2016 Jaguar SUV is being previewed on the international motor show circuit.

Those who have been lucky enough to cast their eyes on this beauty are going gaga about it and why not? It is a muscular show, and contemporary in style, by far Jaguar Chief designed Ian Callum’s best show, some claim. The 2016 Jaguar SUV retains the signature grille, the cat-eye headlights. Of course, the low-slung cabin with coupe like window graphics is there too. What has also been noticed is the thin, horizontal taillights, which lend it the agility and make it do justice to the brand name. However, don’t let this design bowl you over already, for it is heard that it is only indicative, that too only barely!

For all those who are wondering what this brilliant machine is called, well, all we have is some guesses. This SUV 2016 Jaguar is likely to be called the Q-type which brings with it a lot of controversies for obvious reasons. If that is true then chances are Audi and Infiniti are going to give Jaguar loads of grief over the name. It isn’t new to the motor industry, is it? Not too long ago Audi had to pay through the nose to Nissan for using the Q moniker. Now all we need to do is wait and watch how 2016 Jaguar SUV wants to play it in the near future.

There are so many reasons why it is such a big deal that it is hard to put them across in the right order. Most importantly, it is Jaguar’s first ever SUV and the reason for its launch is obvious. We can see that the brand wants to please this ever-growing segment. With this new swanky offering, Jaguar is aiming at pleasing an entirely new target audience – essentially a younger set of customers, with family and well, women too. Which makes it a well-strategised move that comes at a great time, too. It is certainly distinct from the other aggressive, boxy machines that are available in this segment.

For those who like their machines sporty, this  2016 Jaguar SUV is good news for it is a significantly sportier version or so it has been said. It is also going to flaunt an impressively compact cabin and very limited off-road capabilities. Talking about roadholding and on-road performance, they are definitely going to be one of the several highlights of this upcoming 2016 Jaguar SUV. Other crucial features include an aluminum unibody, gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines though six-cylinder models will also be offered. Though, on one level, all these features and highlights take a backseat. What emerges a winner is the brand Jaguar, which is definitely bigger than all its features put together!

A Look at the Jaguar C-X17

What comes to the mind when you hear the word Jaguar? Yes, a super modish and lavish Land Rover stands right in front of your eyes. Jaguar, a British multinational unit is famous all across the globe for its luxurious cars. The unique make and refined look of the Jaguar cars have been captivating millions of hearts since ages.  Jaguar’s cars are largely designed for the elite class.

This time it is not the Land Rover that the company is going to launch, it’s the ‘Jaguar SUV’. The first look of the car was premiered at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Though the company always hesitated from bringing out a SUV but in 2012 they announced about launching a CUV (crossover). In 2013, the preview of the Jaguar C-X17 has finally stepped the company in the SUV market.

This crossover model is an amalgamation of a sports car and a luxurious SUV.  Though it is launched under the sports category yet its urbane looks make it a pure Jaguar. The Jaguar engineers have come up with a new architecture which is flexible and robust.

Talking about the super luxurious Jaguar C-X17, it is stylish car with exclusive external and internal features. The car exteriors are novel but some of them resemble Jaguar XF and XJ.

Following are the external car features of the car which makes this SUV an uncommon one.

Exterior Car Features:

  • Aluminium unibody architecture
  • Slim headlights
  • Lower front fascia has a silver panel
  • 23-inch wheels
  • LED accent lights
  • High mounted taillights are simple yet classy

Car size:

It is a four- seat car with a size of 185.7-inch length.  The wheelbase of this Jaguar is 114.4-inch. It has a ground clearance of 8.3 inches.


The Jaguar C-X17 interiors is a blend of advance interactive technology and traditionally crafted design. This results in a spacious, luxurious and erudite cabin space. The car seats and cargo area of  Jaguar C-X17 is designed such that it gives a feel of a flight cabin. Here is a list of some of the features:

  • Low seating position
  • Two aluminium seats in cargo area with a Connolly saddle leather finish
  • Panoramic roof
  • Roof has a set of sculpted vanes stretched from front to the rear
  • Multi-screen infotainment system- This feature enables the rear seat passengers to share audio files, photos and videos with the passengers sitting in front on several social media apps.
  • Head-up display

Julian Thomson, Director of Advanced Design, Jaguar says “The C-X17’s design is timeless, yet absolutely up-to-the minute. Artisan treatment meets modern techniques in an innovative cabin full of luxurious touches and cutting-edge technical ideas.”

The superior interior looks of the Jaguar C-X17 are eye catchy and are sure to lure the car lovers. This concept car gives you an experience of a sports car with an enhanced and flexible driving experience.

Jaguar C-X17 will be launched in 2015 in markets all across the world. Jaguar’s management has high hopes with this new launch and claim that the car is for the global audience.

Jaguar’s first crossover – The Jaguar C-X16

Jaguar SUV and Land Rover no longer remain synonyms to each other. What marks the Jaguar’s brave new future is the revelation of the C-X17 crossover concept car at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show. The Jaguar branded crossover is a stunning display of the Jaguar’s new ‘iQ Al’ modular aluminum platform. While the luxury crossover market is in overdrive and armed with some amazing vehicles, Jaguar’s C-X17 crossover concept is a contender that looks emphatic and sharp enough to make a statement.

Jaguar is a British brand that has been a purist and is known well for its traditional sporting vehicles. The very fact has been a big reason to create blasphemy among many since the brand has taken a brave step to launch a posh-roader. However, potential rewards are many. For instance, Cayenne worked wonders for Porsche and the upcoming super-SUVs from the brands Lamborghini, Bentley and Rolls-Royce have already made much news and anticipators for them. This makes the new C-X17 concept from Jaguar an equally potential idea to anticipate for. And the sensational looks of the car only strengthen the point! Jaguar’s acclaimed designer Ian Callum, who also admitted that at first he was reluctant to design such car and is only doing it for the love of SUVs people are mad about these days, told, that though his team already knew what a great success was the sister brand Land Rover’s Range Rover SDV8 and its little sister Evoque was, they still carried their pursuit to give the C-x17 its own personality, intending to create a silhouette that emphasize on the sporty design of the vehicle.

With slim glasshouse and 23 inch alloy wheel that were added as a necessity to boost the C-X17s ability to make heads turn around while it rolls, Ian Callum also claims that none of the features, the bodywork is so out of the box that it hampers the production feasibility. The car has even got proper door and mirrors. However, the car’s cabin looks a wee bit outlandish but on a closer take it comes out to be a minimalist tae on the current Jaguar interior design. What makes the C-X17 look like a sporty beast ready to roll is a large single frame grille and two gigantic nostrils lit by diffused LEDs. And these sinister looking LED flashlights with a prominent upright black mesh grille mated with grey plastic skirting beneath the bumper while a muscular contoured bonnet stands above all, give the Jaguar c-X17 all the brawn it needs to take over the market of SUVs.

The jaguar C-X17 crossover concept is 4.7 meter long, 1.6 meter high and 1.9 meter wide. What the brand calls as a way to “introduce Jaguar’s new, high advanced, modular architecture” is a straight target to the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. The cars have been great newsmakers in the premium market of SUVs and it’s not much to think why Jaguar took aim at these cars. The first crossover from the company is highly awaited and has enough reasons to be waited for.

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