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Lexus LC 500 and LC 500 Hybrid to Debut At NY Auto Show

Lexus LC 500

Lexus is gearing up for the showdown of some of its 21 models at the 2016 New York Auto Show, which will be held on March 25 until April 3 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. But apart from the 21 Lexus models to make its feature, the company will also be unveiling the all-new LC 500 and its hybrid counterpart.

The new luxury LC coupe was revealed in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit while the LC 500 Hybrid made known its appearance just this March at the Geneva Motor Show.

The NY Auto Show will mark the hybrid’s first North American debut, as well as its first appearance with the Lexus LC 500.

The LC lineup basically presents a new paradigm in Lexus’ engineering processes and design direction. It also marks a new beginning for the brand that aims to be recognized for its aesthetics appeal and engineering performance.

The Lexus LC 500 has a newly developed 10-speed automatic transmission, the first ever in a luxury vehicle. This is also the first Lexus to use the all-new, premium rear-wheel drive luxury platform, which promised enhanced performance. Inside, it has a cockpit-elegant inspired layout that is reminiscent of a sports car.

The hybrid car, on the other hand, uses the world’s first Multi Stage Hybrid System, which is the next generation hybrid powertrain designed for performance automobiles. The system can manage to align speed, power and fuel consumption all at the same time. It has the “M” mode too, which promised to give drivers the experience of driving responsive gear shifts.

Furthermore, Lexus is expected to showcase its 2016 GS F, the 2016 Lexus RX, as well as the GS F and RC F “360 Virtual Reality Experience,” which would allow the show’s attendees to experience driving these cars on a professional race track.

Upcoming Lexus RX 350: The New Age Smashing Machine!

All great things take time and mostly, it is worth the wait. When it comes to the motor world, something or the other keeps the new stories flowing. With each crack of the dawn there is a new entrant by some company or the other. This keeps the watchers busy but at the same time, it is also like adding fuel to fire. Some times when you are anticipating something really mind-blowing and you know you have to wait for a year before it actually comes your way, then it gets a tad difficult. For instance, let’s talk about the upcoming Lexus RX 350 which is absolutely magnificent or so we have heard from the insiders. It is one of the many heart throbs of the coming years and we just cannot wait to know more about it or better still, see it in action in front of our eyes.

There are speculations in the market that the upcoming Lexus RX350 is one of the many models that are due sometime in the next year which means there won’t be such a long time waiting. However, there are many competing models that are gearing up for a show time around the same period which means there is going to be some crazy attention-seeking game. However, we have heard that this one is going to be a world apart from others that are planning on entering a direct competition. It is a redesign for sure and a very intelligent one at that. We have also found out that it is going to be lighter, most certainly, as compared to previous models. And when talking in terms of interiors of Lexus RX 350, this one is a total catch, too. What’s more, there are rumours of this one being a super plush seven-seater variant, produced exclusively by the company for those who have a thing for luxury.

Moving on and revealing more, the upcoming Lexus RX 350 is going to be equipped with 3 rows of comfortable seats. It is not even here yet but it has been heard that it is going to be the benchmark for other models whose construction is underway. Well, that isquite some accomplishment for an upcoming car, for Lexus RX 350 is not even here but such is the confidence of the company in its performance and efficiency that it is all set to inspire.

We are sure that’s quite some information for those who have been waiting for this one, watching out for news every single day. While many are of the view that it will be on the same lines as the Highlander by Toyota, there are experts who are saying that the upcoming Lexus RX 350 2016 is going to be a new preparation altogether, a new trip in every sense of the word. If you have doubts, consider the capacity of this generous machine which can accommodate seven passengers at a time, a complete hit for those who travel with family. Expect additions like aluminum hood and rejigged tailgates in Lexus RX 350, just to make the wait tougher!


The 2014 Lexus RX 350

It is like the mother of all luxury SUVs. Lexus RX 350 almost taught the world about luxury SUVs. A vehicle that had it all! Comfortable and plash interiors, a ride to savor, sturdy and strong exteriors mated with an affordable price, ability to traverse though rough weathers and terrains and a generous amount of room for passengers as well as for cargo. As soon as the first Lexus rolled out creating a whole new niche of vehicle, disciples followed. And while there is a plethora of competitors, some of which grown into better vehicles than the Lexus itself, this brand and its lineup stands firm on the grounds as one of the most appealing luxury SUVs in the world. And one such crossover happens to be the 2014 Lexus Rx 350.

The 2014 Lexus RX 350 is all what a Lexus should essentially have. And along with it sports an impressive V6 grunt, comfortable and spacious seating and a plush cabin that is fully equipped with cutting edge technology. The five passenger crossover offers all sorts of basic features that anybody could possible need from a vehicle in this segment. Topping it all is an almost negligible amount of limitations about the Lexus RX 350. Jus an absent third row for seating and a little tricky user interface on the cabin and that’s all that is not exceptionally good about the Lexus RX 350. Everything else is!

The 2014 Lexus RX 350 gets its power from the 3.5 liter six-cylinder engine that is good for 270 horses and about 248 pound feet of twist. The 2014 RX 350 comes standard with a front wheel drive and a six speed automatic transmission. Also, an all wheel drive system comes as an option. The trim level F Sport comes standard with all wheel drive and has its engine mated to an eight speed automatic instead of six. This fine ride is capable of cruising up at 60 mph starting from rest in a sprint time of 7.1 seconds – on par with the performances of other vehicles in this niche. The one little attribute where the 2014 Lexus RX 350 fails to impress is its towing capability. The luxury crossover can tow around 3,500 pounds whereas, other crossovers in the segment can manage to tow more.

While the cabin is a bit messy to operate and requires more attention than need be, it looks amazingly plush. The interiors of the Lexus RX 350 look absolutely divine and every little addition on the inside of this vehicle adds to the luxury, the vehicle promises to offer.

The 2014 Lexus Rx 350 rides like a star. When you drive and RX 350, all you can witness is the luxurious and comfortable ride and isolation from the rest of the world and its noises. Although this crossover faces quite some amount of competition from newer competitors like the Acura MDX and the Audi Q5, the 2014 Lexus RX 350 is one classic luxury crossover one mustn’t miss to check out!


2014 Lexus GX 460

The new Lexus luxury utility vehicle (LUV), 2014 GX 460 gets all gussied up and quite extensively so that the mid-sizer seems less a truck than a Lexus on stilts. The freshened up GX 460 went through far deeper facelift than the now-trademark spindle grille and the LED applied to the Lexus LX 570 last year. The equally tough and trail SUV now boasts gigantic rear fender flares and  striking front grille design that marks the extreme L-finesse. Though not the sleekest SUV in town, the 2014 Lexus GX 460 prides itself on global heritage just like Toyota LandCuiser Prado! Also the truck like demeanor is evident of the fact that this is going to be, if not the best and the most rugged, one fine play on the market of off-roaders. And all of it comes under a reasonable price despite additional technology and safety equipment that are included as standard. Cherry on the cake!

The raised roofline, necessary to make sufficient space for the third row of the newly designed seven-seater still got generous ground clearance of about 8.3 inches minimum. The unconventional hour glass shaped grille on the Lexus GX 460 though getting mixed responses is still unique and is sure to make the little SUV to turn heads and stand out. The LED daytime running lights in headlamps are a success. Lexus’s white LEDs are every bit bright as bright and helpful on roads as in SUVs from Audi or BMW. Excellent for low visibility conditions these LED lights use a very little amount of energy and provide a prominent light graphic for road safety. The clear taillights are strange as the fashion aware buyers of the Lexus legacy might question them but they still strike out.

The midsized SUV, 2014 Lexus GX 460 sports a 4.7 liter V-8 engine belonging to the Tundra pickup. Generating enough power of 301 HP and mated to an all-new-five-speed-automatic-transmission and a Torsen center differential which biases the torque (329 pound feet of torque) towards the end with traction, this engine makes this SUV maneuverable with a  light duty full time four wheel drive. The car can reach up to 60 mph from rest in a sprint time of 8.5 seconds while it sports a top speed of 112 mph. The undeniable capability and the body-chassis structure of the new 2014 Lexus GX 460 make it deft enough to be creek-and-groan-free in the rough. However, being more of a luxury utility vehicle you might want to keep it away from way too nasty conditions for it is quite plushly outfitted for that.

It is expected that the 2014 Lexus GX 460 will be seen competing with the BMW X5 and the Mercedes ML500 and possibly Merc GL too while it’s priced at a sum of $45,000. For the love of a gritty feel of a 4WD truck underneath your seat the GX is massively appealing. This purposely built off road machine is added with extra style and so much luxury along with a giant price cut making it one definite consideration among serious SUV fanatics!

2013 Lexus CT 200h Compact Hybrid – Their Best Bet?

Since its very inception, Lexus cars have been a hallmark of luxury and superior technology. However, being a division of the Toyota empire, which has always been inclined towards fuel efficiency and going green, Lexus took up hybrid technology in a big way, rather early as compared to other luxury automobile brands. It has numerous hybrid models of different market classes to its name. The question is, which on-road model can be touted as best?


The answer to this question can be the cause of much debate amongst both users and experts, for quite possibly, it can never be an objective response. However, if one was to use the very rudimentary and simplistic approach of assessing fuel efficiency, the 2013 Lexus CT 200h is the latest, on-road model that would emerge victorious. This is because, not unlike the super-fuel-efficient Toyota Prius, this Lexus model uses a 98 horsepower, 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine, alongside a pair of nickel-metal-hydride-battery-powered electric motor generators. Functioning as per the Hybrid Synergy Drive System, the CT 200h’s technological preeminence cannot be questioned. The EPA rates of the 2013 Lexus CT 200h are a testament to the same; it offers a mileage of 43 mpg in the City, 40 mpg on the Highway and a combined average of 42 mpg. These figures are certainly very impressive and only add to the multifarious unique features that this Lexus model boasts of.


Reviewers have often asserted that in terms of its exterior design, the 2013 Lexus CT 200h is not exceptional. It has a low, flat roof, aggressive mien and distinctively chunky form. However, the interiors of the car, more than makes up for the unimpressive outside. A think center console with a multiple controls, couples with a low-strung instrument panel placed horizontally across from door-to-door offers easy access to all the luxury fittings within. The seats are comfortable and the backseat can be folded to increase cargo-space. The features’ list is a long one; pandering to the luxuriant expectations of Lexus-lovers, the car’s interiors can be customized with numerous add-ons to make the ride all the more smooth.


Though the car in question happens to be in its third model year, it is the 2013 release that marked the beginning of sales of the F-Sport line of the model. The F-Sport version is meant to provide a sportier drive by means of a suspension upgrade, different wheels and a bolder front-grille. Even though the 2013 Lexus CT 200h may not have created much buzz on account of new additions, it certainly did grab attention on account of the new F-Sport version.


It is evident from the above that in terms of performance, the 2013 CT 200h model is superior to other Lexus hybrid models such as the 2013 ES 300h, 2013 GS 450h and 2013 RX 450h. These models, however, promise larger vehicles with way more spacious interiors. One may then conclude, that amongst all of Lexus’ on-road hybrids, the 2013 CT 200h offers highest fuel efficiency, and even though not optimally luxurious, this model caters to a niche consumer-base of those looking for a luxury compact hybrid hatchback.

Lexus Hybrid SUV – A New Plan in the Making

The problems related to excessive emissions rising from the large and ever rising numbers of vehicles has made automobile makers aware of the environmental problems caused by them. It is a well-known fact that SUVs can potentially be a hazardous threat to the environment than other cars, mostly due to the sizes of the body and strong engines that they require. In such a situation, the SUV world has been quite lucky to see the recent upsurge in the number of hybrid concepts which cause much less pollution, without any appreciable loss in performance. Almost all of the leading SUV makers of the world have come up with their own versions of hybrid vehicles like hydrogen hybridised, electricity hybridised and even water driven engines. Lexus decided not to stay away from this, and has been thinking about launching their very own new series of hybrid vehicles, the NX series.

Enjoying the heavy success of its RX series in the United States of America, Lexus has made it clear that it has no intentions of taking actions that might pamper with the sales of the RX models, and hence the United States might not get to see the NX models cruising its streets anytime soon. Anyway, Lexus has made sure that the models of the NX series do not fall behind in terms of performance. Featuring hybridised turbocharged engines, these models would certainly feed the appetites of many speed freaks with ease! However, how much power would these turbocharged engines produce, is not a known fact yet.

Rumours suggest that Lexus has designed two different models of the SUV. The lower model is called Lexus NX200t while the one step superior version is called Lexus NX300h. Lexus hasn’t provided much details about the fine line that divides these two models. All that we know is that the lower model, that is, the NX200t would feature a hybridised 2000cc turbocharged engine, while the NX300h would feature a 3000cc turbocharged engine, also hybridised. As mentioned above, the power outputs of these turbocharged engines are unknown as for now, but one thing that we can say for sure is that it will be more than just enough for amazing values of acceleration and speed! Also, after being hybridised with alternative fuel technologies, these models of the NX series would take hybrid driving experience to an all-new level!

What is the point of discussing about a hybrid car, if we do not disclose the statistics about how much environmental impact does it have? Well, it must be well understood by now that the new NX series does have lesser impact while maintaining the quality of the driving experience. But does the usage of the hybrid engine make it sufficiently eco-friendly? Yes, it does. Expecting dramatically reduced levels of pollutant gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide will be worthy. Also, it is estimated that you will be able to get a fuel economy of over a 40 miles per gallon. Compare this to the traditional SUVs of the same category, and you will see why the NX series is going to be so awesome!

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