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McLaren Introduces 570S Sprint To Its Sports Series Range

2017 mclaren 570s sprint (6)

Has it only been a year since McLaren introduced its first Sports Series model called the 570S? Well, McLaren Sports Series’ entry-level range is now almost ready to compete with the much pricier Super Series with its 570S Sprint.

This year, we’ve seen the debut of the more practical 570GT and the competition-ready 570 GT4 racer. As if those aren’t enough, we are now witnessing McLaren come up with the 570S Sprint, the badge the automaker puts on cars designed strictly for track use but is not as intimidating as proper race cars or the hardcore GTR cars.

For its powertrain, McLaren has fitted the 570S Sprint with the familiar twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8. The automaker said the output was “optimized,” hinting that we could expect more than the 570S’ 562 horsepower.

There are other upgrades, of course, such as the oil and cooling systems designed especially for the track, a wide splitter up front, canards on the bumper, center-locking magnesium wheels show with Pirelli racing slicks, a fixed rear wing, and an available air jack.

Inside, the 570S Sprint boasts of an FIA-spec roll cage and racing seats with harnesses. For safety, there’s also a fire extinguisher system installed.

The 570S will make its formal debut on June 24 at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom. Pricing for that starts at £148,000 or $217,680 at current exchange rate. Deliveries will begin in 2017.

The 570S Sprint is not exactly something you can get off the dealer that quickly. According to reports, the Sprint will come as standard in McLaren Orange, although buyers can get the McLaren Special Operations department to create the same liveries as the Sprint.

If customers want a feel of the racing world, they can have the Sprint upgraded to 570S GT4 racecar. The package will include all requirements of the FIA standards for GT4 competition.

Check Out the Leaked Photos Of The McLaren 688HS

McLaren 688HS (1)

If you think there’s nothing more dangerous for the supercar industry than McLaren’s 666-horsepower 675LT, then you’re dead wrong. The company is looking at readying another supercar to add to its roster of Super Series. Sources said it could even be faster and more performance-ready than the 675LT.

The Dutch auto website Auto Gespot released photos of what is reported to be a 688 High Sport. It can be remembered that McLaren’s last High Sport, called the HS, was based on the 12C Sports Coupe. It came with few visual modifications and a boost in power.

The new McLaren 688HS will follow its predecessor. The 688 in the name is in reference to the supercar’s ability to produce 688 metric horsepower or about 678 horsepower by American standards.

When it comes to the car’s exterior, the 688HS won’t fail you. The bodystyle’s sleek and elegant lines would make your eyes pop out from the sockets. At first look, it clearly shares the same features as the 675LT, especially with the stretched body.

The fixed rear wing, on the other hand, resembles the one used on the 650S GT3 race car. There are also some winglets on the front bumper—also resembling the ones on the GT3 race car.

The new 688HS is a creation of the McLaren Special Operations personalization department, much like the previous 12C HS. This means that production of the new supercar will be limited; probably only 25 units of the car would be out in the market and up for grabs.

It’s quite selfish of McLaren to release another supercar on the high-end market, especially because it has just successfully launched the 675LT and the 675LT Spider—both sold out in two weeks even amid the skyrocketing prices.

The McLaren 688HS will reportedly make its formal debut in September’s 2016 Paris Auto Show. More updates are expected to come in the next days.

McLaren 688HS (2)

NextEV Electric Hypercar Rivals McLaren P1, LaFerrari

NextEV Electric Hypercar

NextEV Electric Hypercar rendering from Autocar.

NextEV is getting ready to reveal its first car “somewhere in Europe” before the year ends. The car is reportedly going to be fully-battery-powered, a testament to the Chinese-backed electric vehicle startup company headed by former Ford President for Europe Martin Leach.

The car will rival both the McLaren P1 and Ferrari’s LaFerrari in terms of performance and price. Reports indicated that the hypercar has been developed at the company’s Munich design center for the past two years. Production, however, will start at the new UK branch.

NextEV was a product of an agreement between Chinese Internet billionaire William Li and Leach at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Leach was Ford’s head of product development before becoming its president for Europe operations. Since that agreement, the startup hired Cisco System’s former chief technology officer, Padmasree Warrior, to run its US operations.

Warrior is heading the software development for the hypercar.

NextEV is gaining ground in concept competitions, too. It won the inaugural Formula E championship for the all-electric, single-seat race cars.

The problem, however, is that NextEV’s market seems to be targeted at the billionaire circle. This would mean ordinary mortals won’t even have the chance to get their hands on the supercar.

But Leach maintained the company’s vision is actually more than just targeting billionaires. It aims to widen its supercar market in the future.

He maintained that the production of the brand’s first hypercar is aimed at attracting and gaining attention, and to show what the company can do technology-wise. Over time, NextEV is expected to showcase more than just supercars.

The first NextEV supercar has been compared to the Tesla model, but Leach said his creation would definitely offer more convenience and accessibility.

We won’t be seeing this hypercar in US soil anytime soon, however. NextEV’s main market would be China, which is under immense pressure to cut down car emissions.

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