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Upcoming Jaguar CX17 has the Makings of an Unforgettable Ride

There are many things that have been cleared with passage of time. It is not easy to point how and when such things transpire but a lot of this has to do with continuous evolution – of needs, wants, psyche, expectations and offerings. That is why when people actually see a huge change in the way automobile world has changed it is fascinating yes, but not surprising really. For, with the advent of technology and new equipment and gadgets coming in, there is so much that has been added to the list of basic comforts. That is the reason why while Jaguar was a brand that most people aspired to own and the number of such people wasn’t high, we can say that today the number of such people has increased to a good extent. We can easily say, therefore, that the upcoming Jaguar CX17 is going to have many takers and all of them should be prepared to be fascinated.

When in the year 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the upcoming Jaguar CX17 was unveiled for the viewers, it made many hearts skip a beat. It appeared to be very promising and people just couldn’t wait for it to come their way. That is why when people were told it was going to be a long wait, they just couldn’t imagine if that were possible. How do you resist an SUV like this one? It is almost impossible! What we know about it, adds to its charm. So, we do know that it has an aluminum frame which is as stylish as it gets considering it is coming from Jaguar! The company is known for keeping its creations chic and stylish, at all costs!

What else do we know about the upcoming Jaguar CX17, you ask? Well, the headlights have been made slimmer than before. There is a silver panel that has been added along with LED lights. There is boldness to this one that makes for an amazing temptation. What is also a spectacular feature of this one is the fact that the taillights have been fixed on the liftgate. Also, we have heard it offers a ground clearance that measures around 8.3 inches. While this figure might appear to be insignificant to Jaguar lovers considering they pick Jaguar for its ultimate looks and not ground clearance really, it is just a feature that makes you feel good!

 The upcoming Jaguar CX17, we have heard offers a low seating to the passengers. What we have also head is that it also has two seats in the cargo area. These seats are aluminum. Another addition is that of head-up display, multi-screen entertainment system that also allows the front seat passengers to be able to share information with the rear seat passengers. While this feature is considered exciting but not so much when weighed against other features that have been offered with this one. As magnificent as Jaguar is, we don’t think we want to keep waiting for any longer than we have!

Jaguar CX 17 Concept Unveiled

The new Jaguar crossover concept is out! What seems to be is that the dubbed CX-17 looks like an XJ’s brother that has been hanging out at the local gym too much. What firms calls a way to “introduce Jaguar’s new, high-advanced, modular architecture” and also a design to illustrate “the diversity of vehicles that could be produces using this architecture, which underpins he innovative future of the Jaguar brand”, is the first crossover from the company. Jaguar’s design director Ian Callum, who admitted that he has been reluctant to produce such cars and is doing it for the love of SUVs and SUV lovers all over the world also told that the new Jaguar CX-17 is targeted to the young generation who aspire to own an SUV! The luxury British manufacturer claims that this is going to be one driver’s car. Essentially Jaguar!

Upcoming Jaguar takes a whole lot of design cues from Jaguar’s road car range. Front façade that features a large single frame grille and slim headlights is a take on the current XJ’s face. However, two gigantic nostrils lit by diffused LEDs make the new CX-17 look like a beast ready to roll. When it comes to what the rear of the upcoming SUV looks like, it screams Jaguar F-type out loud. Pronounced rear launches and the horizontal tail lights mark the influence of the same. The originality bit comes from a twin exhaust, a roof spoiler and 23-inch alloys which also emphasize the SUVs sporty intentions. Focused, chic and minimalist, the interior of the car firstly features four individual bucket seats each of which is embossed with a laser cut dog-toothed pattern.

There are “leisure” seats, two of them that pop up from the boot floor which are a treat to your tired body to perch when you park up in the middle of a long drive. The dashboard is simplistic and houses a central screen and a touch sensitive control panel. The center console is one large touchscreen in itself that stretches back to the rear passengers and is called the Interactive Surface Control. Jaguar intends to offer both super-efficient diesel models that emit less than 100g/km of CO2 as well as the high performance supercharged petrol V6 engines also used by the F-type, capable of achieving 186 mph. The CX-17 sports a rear-biased intelligent all-wheel drive system. Fine and tidy handling that comes with the all-aluminum suspension is what is to be expected.

The sinister-looking LED flashlights on the face of the monster with a prominent upright black mesh grille, a muscular contoured bonnet and grey plastic skirting beneath the bumper all of it gives the new Jaguar just the right brawn it needs to step into the premium market of SUVs. 4.7 meter long, 1.6 meter high and 1.9 meter wide, the CX-17 targets the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 right away! And it’s not a surprise why Jaguar took aim at these cars for this is the fastest growing and largest market sector for luxury SUVs.

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