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Cybertruck and CYBRTRK Names Patented for Tesla Electric Pickup

tesla pickup truck

Details about the possible names for the planned Tesla electric pickup truck have been revealed. Based on the recent filing of the electric vehicle maker with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the product will carry either the Cybertruck or CYBRTRK moniker. A proposed badge for the auto surfaced too.

Elon Musk already confirmed the official unveiling of the Tesla electric pickup via Twitter. He referred to the vehicle as “Cybertruck”. The same post also mentioned that the big reveal will happen on November 21 near the SpaceX rocket factory of Tesla in Los Angeles.

The Tesla electric pickup is the American EV brand’s answer to the upcoming electric Ford F150 pickup truck. This could pose as a strong rival to Ford in the electric pickup segment of the market since Tesla has established itself already in the EV niche. At present, it already has the electric sedan, sports car, crossover and SUV in its lineup.

The Cybertruck or CYBRTRK names for the pickup seem to be a departure from the traditional naming scheme of Tesla. Currently, the company uses the word “Model” succeeded by a letter or number in identifying its vehicles. So this appears to be a fresh start for them.

In a related report, we have recently unearthed a site that is already capitalizing on the name revealed by Musk. Following his announcement, someone already created a forum dedicated to the upcoming Tesla pickup truck called the CYBRTRK Owner’s Club. Great job in beating Tesla to the chase guys!

Toyota Cars Will Be Equipped With Tear Gas To Deter Thieves

toyota tear gas system

A new patent filed by Toyota reveals that they will equip their cars with a new anti-theft device. This comes in the form of a tear gas integrated within the fragrance dispenser of the auto.

According to Autoblog, the system activates when there is an illegitimate engine start in the car. It releases a noxious gas in the cabin to drive off thieves.

The system is a bit similar to the patented fragrance system of Mercedes-Benz. With it, the driver can choose the scent that will be pumped out of the car’s air vents.

Taking into consideration the different persons who will be using the car and their individual preferences when it comes to their sense of smell, Toyota introduces a more seamless way to customize its car’s fragrance.

The system automatically detects who is going inside the car through their mobile devices, and then it dispenses the person’s preferred fragrance. A deodorizer is also integrated within the system to ensure that the scent of the cabin will remain neutral before someone else uses it.

We just hope that the deodorizer is capable of washing off any traces left by the tear gas after an attempted theft though.

According to a study, the Nissan Altima was accounted as the most stolen new car model in 2017. It was followed by the Toyota Camry. The same research showed that theft cases of Camry rose by 3.3% from 2016 to 2017. On the other hand, the theft of Corollas in the same period increased by 2.9%. Now, with the new technology of Toyota in its fragrance system, thieves might start to think twice about robbing its cars.


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