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2017 Renault Grand Scenic Is Longer, Taller, Wider And Better

renault grand scenic

When Renault unveiled its Renault Scenic back in March, everyone was wowed as it was based on the R-Space Concept. Two months after, the company is pulling the sheet off its bigger brother—the longer, taller, wider and much better performer, the 2017 Renault Grand Scenic.

According to a source, the Grand Scenic is nine inches loner, almost an inch wider, and a half-inch taller than its smaller brother. It is a completely redesigned Renault Scenic—from the front end to the rear end. The result is a sexier compact MPV segment in the Grand Scenic.

Coming in as standards to the Grand Scenic are the 20-inch wheels, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, full-color heads-up display, parking assistance, and diesel and two gasoline options.

It also has an all-new color that is exclusive to the Grand Scenic—the Vision Brown. Inside, it offers seating for five to seven people. They can enjoy the two-tone livery from the second equipment level up.

The exterior received major updates—new fascia, new headlamps, new grille and a redesigned hood. The windshield is also considerably longer and there corner glass panels before the side view mirrors.

But what gave the Grand Scenic a more elegant feeling is the 20-inch wheels with a twisted, five-spoke design. That certainly gives the Grand Scenic a more high-end appearance than the outgoing model.

Inside, nothing says spectacular than the Grand Scenic’s dashboard, corner glass that eliminates blind spots, and the cluster of tech such as an 8.7-inch touchscreen display, two USB ports, SD card slot, audio jack and 12-volt socket.

Renault also boasts of the car’s “Easy Life” sliding center console that allows a “saloon car cockpit feel” or a more open floor plan to make passengers more comfortable.

Pricing has not been released yet, but be ready to shell out £23,500 or $34,365 before options, taxes, and delivery.

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