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3 New Features Of The 2018 Buick Regal


The 2017 Open Insignia is expected to mirror many elements found on the upcoming Buick Regal.

Buick has remained mum about the next-generation Regal, but we have every reason to believe that General Motor’s Insignia is essentially a Regal with different badges. Since GM has been very revealing about the Insignia sedan and wagon, particularly the Grand Sport sedan, earlier this week, it is safe to say we have enough details about the 2018 Regal.

We can also get hints from Australia’s Holden Commodore, which will be designed after the Insignia, too.

1. The Buick Regal Is Based On The Epsilon E2XX Underpinnings

According to a source, the Insignia and the Regal will be based on the Epsilon E2XX, which gives the latter a 3.6-inch long wheelbase compared to the latest Insignia. That wheelbase gives the Buick the exact stretch between the axles as the Chevrolet Malibu. The proportions of the Malibu are the same on GM’s Opel brand, which the Insignia will fall under.

The exterior of the Insignia packs the following features, which we can expect to be on the Buick, too: headlight and taillight treatments, chrome detailing, and side surfacing.

2. The Buick Regal’s Interior Will Be Similar To The Buick LaCrosse

The Opel’s interior has impressed a number of auto experts and enthusiasts. Although the Chevy is usually focused on making the interiors look upscale, the Opel beat them to it because the latter is more impressive and more elegant. In fact, the dashboard reportedly is very similar to the Buick LaCrosse.

And based further on Holden’s press release, the Buick Regal will come with a frameless 8-inch touchscreen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and an increased rear seats and trunk capacity.

3. The Buick Regal Used The Twinster Torque-Vectoring System

If you’re familiar with the Twinster torque-vectoring system, then you’ll be happy to know that the new Regal is bringing it, too. Word is that Buick Regal comes packed with an optional adaptive suspension with FlexRide dampers, too.

Based on Opel’s and Commodore’s specifications, we can expect the newest Regal to have an 8-speed automatic transmission, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with front-wheel drive, and an optional V-6 paired with a 9-speed automatic and AWD system to bring 308 horsepower.

Photos Of The 2017 Opel Insignia

Spy Shots of the 2018 Buick Regal Surface

2018 Buick Regal (5)

We finally got some spy shots of the prototype for the Buick‘s next generation Regal. It was spotted while being tested in the United States.

Based on the spy shots provided by Autoevolution, the 2018 Buick Regal will most probably be a bigger car than the previous edition.

The new Buick Regal is set to be in showrooms next year as a 2018 model. Like the current model, it will come with Opel’s Insignia. The same version will also be available in Australia and New Zealand as the next Holden Commodore.

Overall, the Buick Regal is expected to look like a downsized version of the 2017 Buick LaCrosse. Buick’s signature can clearly be seen on the waterfall grille, as well as the same winged badge on the current LaCrosse.

But what’s even more interesting is that the new Regal has a more conventional notchback body while the Opel features a fastback roof. Currently, the latest Regal and Insignia have an identical body.

Highlighting the Buick Royal’s performance is the General Motors Company’s E2XX platform, which was designed specifically for a front-wheel drive, mid-size models.

It can be recalled that the platform was launched in 2016 for the Chevrolet Malibu. A longer version, which was featured in the latest LaCrosse, promises even better performance. Key features of the platform included lightweight construction and better riding suspension.

The Buick Regal’s base option will most probably have a four-cylinder with turbocharging. The current model’s 2.4-liter four-cylinder base engine is still the expected one to be used in this new model.

The transmission will be an eight-speed automatic. The standard version will be a front-wheel drive while there will be an option of an all-wheel drive.

The new Insignia will debut at the 2016 Paris Auto Show in October while the new Regal should come shortly after at one of the major North American auto shows. But before the Regal arrives, we’ll be seeing a new Verano.

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