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Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Edition Announced

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Rolls-Royce brought the Wraith back to life back in 2013, and it was like awakening a sleeping monster. It was the most powerful in Rolls-Royce’s company, and spawned a couple of off-models such as the 2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith Sport, the 2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith “Inspired by Fashion,” the 2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith “Palm Edition 999” by Masonry, and others to show off how well received the Wraith is.

It hasn’t gone under change in the past years, and Rolls-Royce didn’t make any attempt at changing it for this year, too, except that it announced a new “Dark” approach named the Black Badge.

The “Dark” approach was something a lot of manufacturers have been gotten into these past years, but Rolls-Royce did more than just adding a darker appearance to its version. The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is the custom black paint and darkened trim elements. Mind you, each of the deep layer of black paint and lacquer was hand polished, making it the “deepest, darkest and most intense black” seen on a Rolls-Royce.

The front grille is surrounded by a darkened chrome trim, as well as the “flying lady” emblem on the hood. The darker treatment can also be seen on the emblems on the grille, fenders and rear deck.

In terms of exterior, the best change comes in the form of the composite carbon fiber, lightweight alloy wheels that are exclusive only to the Wraith and Ghost Black Badge Editions. The wheels, created in four years, feature 22 layers of carbon fiber laid in three axes before being folded over to create a total of 44 layers.

Looking at it more closely, it also has an updated drivetrain. The horsepower remains unchanged at 632, but the torque is increased by 51 pound-feet to 641 pound-feet. It also has a redesigned air suspension, new drive shafts, and an upgraded eight-speed transmission.

Rolls-Royce has yet to release the pricing for the Wraith Black Badge, but the 2016 Wraith started at $304,250, so expect it to come somewhere in the $350,000 range.

Source: TopSpeed

Upcoming Rolls Royce SUV is a Show Stealer By All Means!

Certain times, it is just the name of the motor brand that gets you excited. You don’t even have to know more like the specifications, the details, the performance bit or the looks and how beautifully they have been engineered. Some times, by just knowing that a beauty is coming from a certain brand that you just can’t help appreciating it, in every way. Why else would the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV cause such a stir in the motor market as well as among the motor enthusiasts who have all their ears pricked up about any news that might come their way in this regard. Which is why we are thinking we will just add some fuel to fire and get your heart racing more than before so that you can prepare better to expect a lot from this one.

So, here is whatever little we know about the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV  so far. We have heard from credible sources that it gets its style from the super beauties that are already running the roads. Yes, we will specify which ones. So, whatever we have heard, its looks can easily be said to be in the same lines as the Phantom, also the Ghost sedans, the high end segment, really. What, however, stays is the fact that all of these looks are put together with the typical features of a SUV and it is being speculated that it is going to be one hell of a beauty. It is being said that it is going to actually give the competitive sedans a run for their money. And like how! What else do you expect from a machine that Rolls Royce has worked so hard to create? It is one vehicle that everyone else is going to clear the road for and gape at, in amazed wonder.

Getting into the details beyond just the looks, what we have heard is that this one is going to have the Bimmer’s technology along with the assistance system, too. This is perhaps the very latest one in the market now and not many vehicles can boast of it which is why it makes the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV so special and so exciting. What’s more, with this technology, you also get the fineness of wood, that too hand-finished and put together with chic leather. Though it is too early to say what the seating will be like, we have our doubts whether it will be a three-row arrangement. Also, a 3-passenger seat is likely to be there, too! This means there will be generous room for family as well as those who hit the road with lot of luggage.

It is not wrong to say that it seems like a perfect mix of plush looks and space! In fact many people are of the view that the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV is going to rule the road, it doesn’t matter how many other beauties decide to try and take the attention away!

2017 Rolls Royce Worth the Wait

So, it wasn’t just another rumor in the motor world. This one had meat in it. You may have heard it a zillion times and you told yourself – 2017 Rolls Royce SUV– really doesn’t add up. After all, it doesn’t sound like the brand at all. However, the motor industry is anything but predictable. So, you may have imagined that the brand won’t venture into SUVs but get ready to be surprised. The news about Rolls Royce coming up with an uber-luxurious SUV is every bit true. The prestigious brand is working on building this amazing machine which according to Giles Taylor, the design boss, won’t affect the stature of the Rolls Royce Brand.

The idea of 2017 Rolls Royce SUV has got us all curious, all ready. To add fuel to fire, Taylor has stated that he has invested significant energy and time on function and functionality of the new machine. He has clearly mentioned that his intentions were to create a properly functional vehicle – smooth and efficient. He has ruled out any possibilities of giving it a shooting brake. He is very convinced that this one won’t be a crossover with a sloping roof, by any stretch of imagination. No way. This one is going to be just the way an SUV is supposed to be. Sloping roof or not, we are sure it is going to be one hell of a SUV and we have reasons that support our belief.

To add to our excitement, our man Taylor has also talked about the evolution of the interiors in the 2017 Rolls Royce SUV. He has specified that the driving factors will be coolness and modernity without really interfering with the luxurious appearance and the royal aura.

Though, the design crew is still at a very nascent stage, the desirability of the machine has already soared. So much so, that there are predictions that the 2017 Rolls Royce SUV is going to be more ghost family inclined than closer to the Phantom family. Again, relying on predictions and predictions alone, chances are that the Rolls Royce off-roader is going to greet car enthusiasts only towards the late 2017. This tells us its launch is going to be dangerously close to the launch of the upcoming Bentley SUV. This translates into a super exciting time for all of us.

Apart from Rolls Royce SUV, 2017 is going to bring so much more to the roads. It is also suspected that the new 2017 Rolls Royce SUV will be sharing the same platform as the much-awaited seven-seat BMW X7. A sophisticated steel, aluminium and carbonfibre plastic architecture, the BMW promise is no joke, at all. It is likely to set the tone for the future Ghost and prospective 9-series family. However, Rolls Royce is all geared up to meet this challenge. Come 2018, Rolls Royce SUV, a new Phantom and a mystic Ghost are going to conquer the world. Who dares beat that?

Bentley all set to launch SUV in 2016

Bentley is counted among the luxury brands of cars. Bentley is known worldwide for its classy and elegant car designs. It is the car of the elite and posh class of the society. Bentley is a British automaker, which was established in the year 1919. The brand is ready to touch its century mark in 2019. Bentley cars have been able to entice customers all across the globe with its modish designs and versatile models.

Bentley is usually known for its super luxurious sedan class cars, which is owned by the highest of state holders like the Queen of England. Bentley is now set to launch an all new SUV class car in 2016. The car model will however be displayed to the world at Frankfurt’s auto show to be held in 2015. The company is all set for the debut launch of the SUV at Frankfurt. Although Bentley has not made a good market for its previously launched SUV but this new model is already making waves among the car lovers and gurus.

The insiders to the company predict that this model is going to increase the sales of the company by 50-70%. This makes the new SUV as one of the most awaited Bentley models. The SUV is not given any name yet but its sales pitch and campaigns has already started in different parts of the world. The strongest and biggest market of Bentley is China followed by the U.S.A., where the company has already started its mass pitching. This SUV is already making its place and leaving the Bentley lovers to wait for it. The car gurus state that the Bentley’s SUV 2016 is designed on the same platform as the cars like Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. The interiors of the car are ought to be extravagant and living up to the style mark of the Bentley. The body of these SUV cars are said to be manufactured in Germany but will be assembled at its headquarters in England.

Some of the Bentley SUV 2016 specifications:       

  • The SUV 2016 will be available in V-8 and W-12 engines models. The W-12 engine model Bentley SUV is believed to deliver the high speed of 200-mph.
  • The companies higher officials have also announced that the new SUV will also be made available in diesel models but at a later stage after its launch. A plug-in hybrid mode of the SUV is also being considered by the carmakers.

The first detailed look of the car and its lavish interiors will only be available in 2015 but its estimated price is out. The price of the SUV is said to be around $190,000.

With strong competitors like Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Audi Q7, Land Rover Range Rover V-8 Supercharger, Lamborghini Urus and Rolls-Royce future SUV in the market at the same time, it will be exciting to see Bentley SUV’s making its presence felt. More information about the brand new Bentley SUV 2016 will continue to pour out in the market and online till it’s unveiling in 2015.

Aston Martin Tries to Make Impression on the SUV Market With the Lagonda SUV Concept

After all the automobile giants like Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, etc. luxury car makers have also decided of making their way into the segment and bring for the SUV world some of the most luxurious (and expensive!) SUVs ever seen! After the news of Bentley, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini stepping into the category, we couldn’t think of any other but Aston Martin, who had signed a deal with Mercedes – AMG some time back.

Aston Martin first revealed its Lagonda SUV Concept at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, which was not liked very much by the SUV world as critics as well as SUV lovers did not really develop a liking for the vehicle. The company realized that there would have been a lot of changes to be made before they could expect good sales result after launching the SUV. A thing to be noticed is that this was before the company signed the deal with Mercedes – AMG. With access to the latter’s excellent engineering and electronic assets, Aston Martin has planned of making the Lagonda all different. One of the largest changes to be made is that the Lagonda will now feature Mercedes Benz GL Class platform. Earlier it sat on the Mercedes Benz M Class platform.

All that Aston Martin is going through for the Lagonda SUV Concept reminds us of Porsche’s story which happened during the launch of the Cayenne. The SUV was also highly criticized during its concept period. People accused the Cayenne of being ugly as per Porsche standards. However, after the release of the SUV, Porsche reported huge rises in sales, and the Cayenne turned out to be a huge success. A lot of people are saying that the Lagonda is extremely ugly, especially since Aston Martin has presented gorgeous vehicles like the DB9 and the One – 77 to the world. However, the performance and luxury quotients of the Lagonda are unquestionable! It’s an Aston Martin after all!

As far as the engine is concerned, we’re pretty sure that the company will put in a 6000cc V12 engine in the SUV. Lagonda will definitely be a four wheel drive vehicle, and will share motors with the legendary Aston MartinDB9. One admirable thing about the Lagonda is that the SUV will come with a wode number of available powertrains, and customers will be given a choice as per their will. One will be able to choose from a diesel variant, petrol as well as a hybrid option. This facility combined with the capabilities of the all-wheel drive system that comes with the Lagonda makes it a very potential vehicle for off road experiences!

We agree that the exteriors of the car are not as good as is expected from the company, but they have definitely set a new bar when it comes to luxurious and elegant interiors. However, Aston martin will definitely face extreme competition as it is entering a segment where giants like Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, etc. have already made deep impressions. Beating legendary SUVs like the Cayenne, Touareg, Q7, etc. would definitely be very tough. We would love to see how the improved Lagonda fares in the SUV market.


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