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Oman gets a taste of Aston Martin Lagonda 2015

Life is unfair, both off the roads and on the roads! Why else would some fortunate ones get to see the ultimate new creation by Aston Martin running the length of Oman. This one has left so many vehicle lovers fuming! Why should some people be so lucky, we can hear then exclaim! And it is quite understandable. Imagine the absolutely ravishing new Aston Martin Lagonda 2015 raging through the rich golden desert and the vast expanse dotted with mountains. Yeah, that sure must be quite a sight! Which has led us to know this beauty better. Yes, you are welcome to join us in this enchanting exploration!

So, this is what the glistening golden expanse of Oman witnessed – the drop dead temptress, the four-door Aston Martin Lagonda 2015 being steered away in fury! Who could even afford to miss a sight like that. Now add to the imagery the fact that it was the custom-order-only creation, something that is created to scream exclusivity. Experts have revealed that the company has chosen Oman for the production of this magic on wheels. It is all set for production in the year 2015, perhaps early quarters. This, actually, is no news for we had already heard about this one long time ago. We have long held our breath for this one to turn into reality. You can’t blame us, can you considering that we had the spy shots in front of us and those were tempting like how! There is nothing more torturous and appealing than setting your eyes on what appears to be charmer and yet months away from you, Aston Martin Lagonda 2015.

We did get some words out of the guy who designed the upcoming Aston Martin Lagonda 2015. What he said was what he has created. He called it the avant-garde creation, which has stature and exudes flamboyance! Now who will deny that. For, indeed, this one is as loud as they come, only with a streak of undeniable pride! However, there are many people who sort of disagree with the flamboyant bit. They feel that Aston Martin Lagonda 2015 that is dripping in the deepest shade of black can’t really qualify as flamboyant, in strict sense of the word. Well, even if black means it is not flamboyant it makes for a tough test, given the heat of Oman. From what we have heard, this one sure passed the hot-environment test with flying colours. So sturdy, so gorgeous, so irresistible, this one!

If the above-mentioned facts got your heart racing in true admiration, then there is more coming to hit you! The engineers of this genius are going to leave no stone unturned to ensure this one stands tough against all odds. So they are going to drive each machine for about 14,000 miles in a span of four weeks. Then they are going to stop, basking it in the harsh sunrays, making the temperature reach at least 125 degrees! How about that! The upcoming Aston Martin Lagonda 2015  just became one of our hot favourites!

A Luxurious SUV up Aston Martin’s Sleeve

Like all great news, this one might hit you as unbelievable and we totally understand. The motor world is anything but predictable. And then when some thing that appears too good to be true starts making rounds, the least we can do is lend it some ears and wait for it to really strike us. The same holds true for what we have been listening to, from Aston Martin World. The company hasn’t yet officially confirmed any production or plans but we do know some thing is cooking and all indications are that is sheer luxury! If what we have heard is to be believed, the upcoming Aston Martin SUV is an ultra plush affair. And it is going to bowl you over!

There have been a lot of predictions for this one. Of course, majorly because it comes from Aston Martin, that’s big news in its own right. Keeping that aside, there are rumors that this one is going to share the platform with the next gen Mercedes Benz GL! See, we caught you off guard, didn’t we? So even though the company maintains silence on its production, we do have a very big story lined up, already. This upcoming Aston Martin SUV, it is predicted, is going to give Mercedes Benz GL a run for its money, we hear. Well, we sure as hell hope it does!

Let’s take a look at the contender first. The GL is likely to get a facelift very soon and that is to happen well before its replacement is created in 2018. Which, we add, is not very far, considering how fast the motor world changes and evolves and surprises! Now why this news about the big contender is important is because it will really decide what course Aston Martin’s upcoming SUV will tread. Now there is a twist in the tale as well. How many of us have heard of the recent tie-up between Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz AMG? Well, it is every bit true and going by that, the two have agreed to share engines and electronics, too. So, don’t be surprised if the Aston Martin SUV gives a miss to the range-topping V12 engine in favour of a smaller AMG V8. Well, we don’t know the intricacies of the deal and what has conspired between the two parties but one thing is for sure. It is like having the best of the two worlds being served to us now, isn’t it?

Experts are of the view that Mercedes-Benz can conveniently adapt one of its twin-turbo V8 engines. It can then very easily deliver around 600 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque to suit the character and the requirement of the upcoming Aston SUV. Which would in turn mean, placing it on to the GL platform. No one knows for sure what is going to follow. What we do know is that this one is highly awaited. Aston Martin fans just can’t help but hope they get to see this magic vehicle sooner than the soonest!

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