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Previewing The 2017 Volkswagen Touareg

2016 volkswagen touareg

Volkswagen just announced a series of updates for the 2017 edition of the Touareg SUV. The big differences can be seen in the interior details since the V6-powered midsize SUV will unfortunately remain unchanged mechanically at least.

It is renamed the Wolfsburg Edition, and includes a variety of upgrades, according to a report. The mid-level Lux trim level includes these features for 2017: a new brushed aluminum trim inside, stainless steel for the door entry sills and pedals, black headliner, standard heated and ventilated front seats, choice of all-black interior or two-tone Vienna leather seating, and contrast stitching on floor mats, steering wheel and shifter.

A Wolfsburg Edition badge is, of course, also included in the update.

For the wheels, Volkswagen Touareg Wolfsburg Edition buyers can opt between the 20-inch “Tarragona” alloy wheels with a diamond-turned finish or the 20-inch “Mallory” wheels finished in all black. In terms of trim level, another one exists just below the Wolfsburg Edition—the Sport with Technology Package trim level.

For the 2017 model, the Sport with Technology Package trim level includes the following: adaptive cruise control, a lane change assist system, forward collision warning with automatic braking, park distance control, and a heated steering wheel.

If you want something more from the mid-size SUV, you can splurge on the Executive trim level, which, above all of the mentioned upgrades, adds 21-inch alloy wheels.

However, if you’re expecting some upgrades under the hood, you’ll be sorely disappointed as the 2017 Touareg will share the same powertrain as its predecessor. All Touaregs will remain powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 280 horsepower, and is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

For now, Volkswagen has yet to release details and pricing for the 2017 Touareg, so you have to check back for that. No images have also been revealed, unfortunately, so we have to be contented with some classic renderings.

Is a Volkwagen Up! GTI in the Works?

volkswagen up

Rumor has it that Volkswagen is developing a range-topping GTI variant for its small Up! hatch.

According to reports, officials at the company’s headquarters in Germany are talking about a new Volkswagen Up! GTI model to compete with the Abarth 595. They believe that such a model would improve the company’s entry-level hatch since it can now provide the sporty good looks, as well as a high-caliber performance.

The car will be powered by a tuned version of the EA2 11 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine, which is currently being used in the Golf Bluemotion TSI and the new Audi A3 range. Both have been tuned to produce 85kW/200Nm.

But the regular version of the engine will be powering the facelifted Up!, which will soon be released in some markets. A prototype of the Up! GTI reportedly has a top speed of 200km/h and a 0-100km/h time in just 8 seconds.

Compare this to the Abarth 595, and you’ll be astounded by the Up! GTI. The Abarth 595 can produce 103kW/206Nm from the 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbocharged unit. It can go 100km/h in just 7.9 seconds.

The engine used on the GTI will most likely be paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission. That should make up for enough power to maneuver the Up! GTI.

If the reports are accurate and the Up! GTI actually enter the market, we can expect a few more things from Volkswagen. Mainly, the new Up! GTI should have an upgraded chassis, some suspension adjustments, and the usual GTI-specific visual enhancements such as larger alloy wheels, wider skirts, and a twin chrome exhaust.

The Up! hatch was discontinued in Australian market in 2014, so it’s also highly unlikely that this new Up! GTI will make its way to local dealership anytime soon. A few more weeks, though, and we’re bound to receive more information about this development.

Check Out the Spy Shots Of 2017 Volkswagen 3-Row SUV

2017 volkswagen three-row suv (7)

Two years ago, Volkswagen confirmed that it has plans to build a new three-row crossover SUV at its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Now, merely months after the production started, spy shots of the prototype have come out.

According to a report, the new Volkswagen 3-Row SUV was first seen in early 2013 by the CrossBlue concept. No one knew if the concept would be carried over to the actual production design, but the spy shots now confirmed that the production version will resemble the 2013 concept. Of course, we couldn’t see it in its entirety so the finer elements are still a mystery.

This new SUV is Volkswagen’s challenge to the ever popular and family-oriented three-row SUVs such as the Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Motor Company Explorer and Toyota Highlander.

It will be based on the stretched version of VW’s flexible MQB platform, enabling the SUV to be offered at a lower cost. That platform was the same one used in the smaller Golf and the North American-spec Passat currently being produced at the Chattanooga plant.

Those who seek for a plusher ride can wait for the new generation Touareg that’ll come out next year.

There is no information yet on what drivetrain would be used on the SUV, although it is expected to come out with a 4- and 6-cylinder option. The CrossBlue concept had a hybrid powertrain that pairs the 4-cylinder diesel engine with an electric motor.

But since there are current issues on VW’s use of diesel engine, then perhaps a gasoline-electric hybrid setup will be offered in the production version. Volkswagen’s 2017 3-Row SUV would most likely debut later this year or early next year.

VW also has other SUVs in the pipeline, including the new Tiguan and Touareg, as well as the production versions of the T-Roc and T-Cross Breeze concepts. There would also be coupe-like versions of the Tiguan and this new three-row SUV from VW.

Volkswagen Released a Teaser of the 2017 Polo R WRC

Polo R WRC

Volkswagen has just released the teaser of its 2017 Polo R WRC, representing a third-generation design for the VW rally car that will be a contender in the 2017 World Rally Championship.

Since it returned in 2013, Volkswagen has been the dominant force in the World Rally Championship. It won the title every year since then, but it’s not simply contented with that as it comes out with details of the first WRC car for 2017.

According to a source, the car is based on the Polo subcompact. However, every component will be changed as opposed to the current model. The race car is lighter, wider and more powerful, thanks to the new regulations released. In addition, the design team got more free hand on this model in terms of aerodynamic regulations.

The 2017 Volkswagen Polo R WRC will have a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that can produce 375 horsepower, up from 315 horsepower on the current car. Its weight is reduced by 25 kilograms to 1,175 kilograms from 1,200 kg. The width of the car, thankfully, increased by 50 millimeters.

There are other adjustments made in the car such as the addition of an electric center differential, a broader front spoiler, and a large rear wing. The exterior details are still being finalized, so don’t expect the Polo R WRC to look exactly as teased. There may be some adjustments by the start of the new season—at the Rally Monte Carlo in January 2017.

Volkswagen Motorsport boss Jost Capito said that the new regulations for the WRC made technical innovations possible. These regulations made the car more dynamic but safer as well.

Next season, we should expect more competition from other rally car makers, Toyota especially. Plenty is at stake for these rally cars as soon as the new season opens. Volkswagen is expected to tweak its 2017 rally car even further.

A Closer Look at the Upcoming Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept

A trend is a trap that every company eventually falls into. It doesn’t matter how huge a company we are talking about. When a trend catches on, somehow, everyone seems to be following it to the T. No one wants to miss what other companies are up to and plan to do. When it comes to vehicles, it is every bit true, too! So, while every brand wants to have a different offering to stand out in the crowd, when a certain kind of vehicle turns in to a rage, every brand somehow wants to give it a try and emulate it, keeping their signature style intact. That is exactly the reason why the upcoming Volkswagen CrossBlue is coming our way soon. Volkswagen has realized the dire need of venturing into the very popular segment of crossovers with three-rows. It is something that it just cannot resist any longer. Which is why it is ready with this new offering that is going to change the game for the brand and announce to the world, Volkswagen’s entry into the new segment.

From what the news and estimation tells us, in the coming years, the crossover segment market is likely to grow by more or less 20 per cent. It is indeed, a whopping growth figure, one that cannot be missed at any cost. The upcoming Volkswagen CrossBlue is the brand’s trial to cash in on this increased demand for this segment. What is new and desirable about this new offering, you ask? Well, we would say plenty! There are the headlights that you wouldn’t miss for the world, then there are some distinct taillights, and a new line of mirrors. It is definitely an eye candy is what we have heard from many sources and we would like to believe it. In fact, there are many who are going to the extent of calling the upcoming Volkswagen CrossBlue the most amazing offering, perhaps, the most charming SUV that we have seen in the longest coming from Volkswagen. That has set the bar really high and we are hoping that our expectations will be met with something that truly is worthy of such praises.

Even though, so far only great stuff has been said about the upcoming Volkswagen CrossBlue, there are people who are of the view that it would have been better if it played it a little subtle, something that wasn’t so blatantly magnificent. But then, beauty is subjective, like everything else under the sun. Some like beauty to fetch all the attention that it can get, whereas others like to underplay it and keep a low profile. As far as the excitement about this one is concerned, it is at an all time high and we don’t see it going down anytime soon and there are reasons for it. After all, it has a catchy style, it is extremely detailed, from the front to the back and well, it carries a lot of features that have already driven the world crazy. Let’s just wait for it and find out how gorgeous it looks in action!

It is going to be stormy with the upcoming Volkswagen Golf

They say that when a star enters, it is a moment that gets etched in the history as well as the minds of everyone who is a spectator. They say when history is made, the announcement of the same is made before hand. It is how grand things take place and are remembered for time immemorial. Which is why the upcoming Volkswagen Golf is keeping a lot of vehicle enthusiasts busy. There are all kinds of contemplations that are floating around. Some are too good to be true or so it appears. It is not wrong to start imagining but you gotta know at least something before you are able to build stuff up. So, get ready to put your imagination to amazing work because it is not so easy to even picture this one. We will tell you why.

They are saying that the upcoming Volkswagen Golf is a fierce piece of work, something that looks more impressive when mud-laden, a spectacle when it is out on the roads, conquering every yard that stretches in front of it. We have heard that the engineers at Volkswagen toiled hard to bring this one to life and why not! After all, this one is going to be the first ever SUV to have a GOLF identity and if all goes well, then this one will hit the roads around the same time when Mk8 Golf Hatch in the year 2018. The news has it that it is going to be crazy competition, well not really but it might make it tough for us to decide where to fix out eyes.

Why should we have our hopes high for the upcoming Volkswagen Golf? Well, there are many reasons, and all of them very impressive, it is no cakewalk to decide what to mention first. If we know it even a bit and we are sure we do, the new Volkswagen creation is not going to be a typical mud-wrestler and let us shock you, it isn’t going to be a cross, either. So, the way this one has been planned it will be a gorgeous in-between, a creation that will make for a magnificent addition to the outrageously growing demand for crossovers all over the world.

The vehicle experts are of the view that in all probability, the new upcoming Volkswagen Golf is going to be available in two variants if not more. There is going to be one exclusive variant, the medium one for Europe market and the other grander version for the States and Asian countries, China being one of them. There is also quite a lot happening about the kind of expectations that people have set from this one. Most of them expect it to change the story for Volkswagen and feel that it is going to be very close to Tiguan more or less. However, one needs to put these contemplations to rest for there is no confirmation whatsoever about these rumors. Just wait with a bated breath and get ready for a whiff of fresh air- upcoming Volkswagen Golf!


The swanky new Volkswagen Passat is an absolute winner!

There are some things that need not be reiterated because they are right there, staring us directly into our eyes. As you must have noticed, there are some vehicles that needn’t be introduced with fancy words and phrases. These vehicles are effortless winners, which are designed with such finesse that a look at them will tell you all you need to know about them. When talking about vehicles, Volkswagen has always been a league apart from its contenders, in ters of offerings and performance, not to mention the subtle attitude that each one of them exudes. There is no debating the fact that it has given the world some of the most stunning machines that have etched their excellence in our heads. Now, adding to that long list the upcoming SUV Volkswagen Passat that is packed with many inspiring features. Let’s get to know it better to be able to appreciate it more.

So, the first and the most important feature of the upcoming Volkswagen Passat is a midsize sedan, which offers a front wheel drive and an experience that is truly unmatched. For all those who don’t know it already, the Passat is leading the midsize sedan segment owing to its fantastic fuel efficiency and the generous legroom that its rear seat offers. This beauty is available in as many as four variants which gives its fans a choice to pick one that befits their specific requirements. Did we tell you that each variant comes with a number of trims? Well, certainly, however, it is the sport model that doesn’t come with a trim. All in all, there are a lot of options in terms of the wonderful Passat experience and you can have your pick with this motor wonder.

What else does the SUV upcoming Volkswagen Passat promise, you must be wondering! Well, it has an ultimately new diesel engine that comes with 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, also fitted with a 5-speed transmission. All this gets even better and irresistible when we move on to the pricing. This one is priced very intelligently – it is affordable but it also maintains its exclusivity. So, anyone setting their hands on this Volkswagen creation is not going to feel ordinary by any stretch of imagination. With the approximate fuel economy around 30 mpg city/44 that is offered specially on the highway, this one is bound to make anyone in it, supremely wow. If you thought that was all, allow us to add a range of 814 miles. In fact, the brand new TDI variant comes packed with increased horsepower, too. Do you still think you can resist it? If yes, then think again!

There are a number of big and small changes that have taken place. For instance, the upcoming Volkswagen SUV Passat has a rearview camera, ultimate sound system that too with no less than 8 speakers! There is also an additional satellite radio along with intelligent rain-sensing wipers. We can easily go on and on about the upcoming Volkswagen Passat, but we want you to find out for yourself!

The all new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015 is an attention magnet!

They say that one can do anything but never hide their intention. It is ultimately true, especially so in case of vehicles. This wonderful, ever lively world of cars is always buzzing with new news stories and additions and inventions. And behind every new step that is taken, every strategy that is ever charted, there lies an intention or many intentions. It is to impress sometimes. On others, it is to increase sales or make a mark and appear to be better than a contender. However, when we talk about the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015, the intention is purely to take our breath away and we are not even exaggerating. Agreed that we have always been fond of Volkswagen and the variety of SUVs it has amazed us with but hold on, the best is yet to come! Don’t believe our word? Get to know the new Volkswagen better and you will find yourself nodding your head in agreement with us.

So, as experts are calling it, the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015 is a magnificent new member of the company’s soft roader cluster that includes the likes of Passat Alltrack. Revealed at the prestigious Paris Motor Show 2014, people are already making a big deal out of this one and why not! It has all the features that one can possibly ask for and even before this one begins to sell in the UK in the year 2015, it is likely to be talked about more than any other contender in the same segment. It is definitely, definitely a four-wheel drive for it is going to hit the UK market first which has actually make the Volkswagen followers a tad jealous and it is quite justifiable. Everyone’s eyes are set on the road waiting for the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015.

What are the new features to watch out for in the new machine, you must be wondering! Well, there are a lot of them and the list goes on and on and on. It is enough to get you all ecxcited but we will only let you have a peek here to tease you. Let us begin with the ground clearance. The new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015, has 20mm more in the name of  ground clearance than the previous model. We have heard that the suspension has been changed too and there are new aluminum touch lends itself beautifully to the facade and the back of the car. Wait, did we mention the plastic wrapping that graces this one, making it more graceful ? Talking about the car cabin, it is definitely re touched in a unique way. Moving on to the wheels, this one has alloy wheels and a radiator grille to make it exceptionally desirable. What the Volkswagen lovers are looking forward to is the four-motion all-wheel drive system as well as the electronic clutch. It comes with a lot of electronic systems and a world of promise. It is just a matter of time before we find out!

2014 Volkswagen Touareg TDI: Luxury Personified

For the past 20 years Volkswagen has enjoyed an upscale reputation in mid size SUV market with its ever more comfortable vehicles, that have received applauds across the globe for its luxury, performance and stand out features. This time Volkswagen has outnumbered itself with its big future dream in the form of its 2014 Volkswagen Touareg TDI.

In literal terms, 2014 Volkswagen Touareg TDI is a mid size SUV, which is actually quite big for its range and also for the luxury it offers. Not even a market leading SUV manufacturer will manage to find a fault in its build quality, power and endless list of stupendous features. The chances for its rivals to win a very remote as this future SUV boasts off sizeable efficiency with unmatched power advantage and most sophisticated upscale luxury interior best suited for business class. The sport utility vehicle is in itself is a class apart, but its hefty price tag might keep it out of the reach of the traditional Volkswagen customer base.

To start with, 2014 Volkswagen Touareg TDI is not just another entry level hauler, rather it’s a mid size five passenger SUV that comes with a window sticker which gives a brief look at its exceptional features which primarily include a navigation system, edge to edge panoramic sunroof, driver’s information display, heated leather seats, dual automatic climate control and 20 inch rims to begin test drive with. The exterior of the SUV is welcoming with redefined and polished aggression. The passenger cabin boasts of 2014 Volkswagen Touareg TDI off the use of high quality materials with armrests and adequately padded center console along with a color palette which makes every inch of this SUV a value for money. Generous interior space is suitable for hauling passengers as well as cargo, wherein the second row stands out as an excellent option to while away when going on a long trip.

2014 Volkswagen Touareg TDI has given touch competition to its rivals with its excellent power and efficiency. The base model comes with 3.0 liter turbo diesel V6 engine which is tremendously powerful. The fuel economy stands out brilliantly with engine consuming 6.7l/100km fuel on the highway leisurely, whereas in town the fuel consumption is 13.5l/100km which is very much close to the official 10.8l/100km figure quoted by the company. The SUV comes with 100liter fuel tank which might be a pain for many to fill up, but then who need to get it refilled often with such a good mileage.

Apart from great fuel economy, Touareg TDI by Volkswagen also delivers excellent forward thrust with 240 horses and 406 lb-ft torque, which is efficiently managed by eight speed automatic transmissions and a permanent four wheel drive system. The only small negative of Volkswagen Touareg TDI 2014 is that it lags rears at initial throttle tip-in, which can easily be learned while driving and navigating in traffic, apart from that this future SUV offers smooth, secure, confident and relentless acceleration.

A surprisingly quick SUV for its class, 2014 Volkswagen Touareg TDI is a beautifully balanced vehicle that manages to smoothly juggle between comfort and control, which makes a cake walk to drive, while other comparable sedans are challenge to handle smoothly.

2014 Volkswagen Touareg – Better Than Ever!

As legendary of a SUV that it has been, the all new Volkswagen Touareg just got better! The company had been making some very pronounced changes to its beautiful fleet of cars, and the Touareg has also been incorporated in the list. The SUV was recently given the face change making it closer in looks to the other popular Volkswagen cars like the Passat and the Jetta. Other than the interiors, the SUV also enjoys beautiful interior changes, making it even more luxurious than before. However, the Touareg remains to be quite expensive, putting it in competition with the members of the luxury SUV segment.

Apparently, Volkswagen wanted to give the Touareg a lesser of an off road build and more suited for urban needs. The SUV had been somewhat infamous for being quite heavy earlier. However, the fine German engineers have made extreme changes to the body of the machine, managing to chop off over 450 pounds from the previous weight. This has definitely brought about desirable changes to the SUV, as its ride quality has increased many folds. Being sportier than ever, the Touareg will now appeal to younger customers as well. Besides the ride quality, the machine now delivers a much improved fuel economy as well!

Even though the Touareg is lighter than before, there is no virtual reduction in power and the SUV still sports the truck like capabilities that it is famous for. The vehicle is still as capable when it comes to towing facilities as it was before. Among the interior changes, the company has raised the height of the front seats, enhancing the view for the driver. Also, the Touareg remains to be a five seater, where the second row is highly adjustable. The changes in the body include dimensional changes as the SUV is now broader and more spacious. The lack of a third row paves way for a huge and extremely spacious cargo space.

The 2014 Touareg also offers a very large number of luxurios features in the interiors. The base sport model only boasts of features like panoramic sunroof, memory seats and leather upholstery. Higher models include many modern features like heated steering wheels, rear obstacle detection, premium audio systems, keyless usage and heated rear seats. The front console sports a navigation system, upgraded displays and built in music storage facility.

The 2014 Touareg would come in four primary models. These would be the Sport, Sport with Navigation, Lux and the R – Line model. All the models come with a powerful 3600 cc V6 engine, complemented with an insane eight-speed automatic transmissions and an all-wheel drive system. The base models get petrol engines whereas the two higher models get the TDI diesel engine. The 2014 models feature higher fuel efficiency as well as performance. The coomapny also offers a hybrid model, which combines a supercharged 3000 cc V6 engine with an electric motor. This model is capable of producing a combined output of 380 horsepower and delivers a fuel economy of 20 miles per gallon in the city! The hybrid system is capable of disengaging the engine and the motor during highway cruising, making it capable of delivering a better thrust on highways!


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