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Tesla Goes Big with Wings! But Will Model X Take Off?

The age old tussle between a practical utility vehicle and a flashy sports car has finally been resolved! The answer to this flabbergasting question was unveiled by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk on February 9, 2012, amidst much hype and hoopla, in the form of the glamorous Model X Electric Crossover.

The Tesla Model X

The Glamorous Model X Electric Crossover Concept From Tesla Electric Cars

A fairly conventional design modelled around the previously released Model S, Tesla’s new Model X is armed with some über-cool features with funky monikers! Behold its smoothly retracting doors christened ‘falcon wings’ that spread easily in constricted spaces and allow easy access to the third row seats. With the batteries placed under the floorboards, there is a trunk both in the front and back, so you will never crave for more trunk space with the new age ‘frunk’ to the rescue.

As far as the interiors are concerned, it is hard to say what is more astounding, the luxurious room for seven or the 17inch touchscreen interface. And if you thought that this EV is all about style and not the miles, its acceleration from 0 to 60mph in less than 5 seconds and range of 200 miles to 285 miles will literally blow your mind! Model X comes with the option of either 60kW or 85kW batteries and the promise of top up charge in merely four hours. And if the price bracket of $50k to $90k staggers you, think about the long term fuel savings – the realisation will soon dawn that it is probably time to give up the age old gas nozzle in exchange for battery power.

Tesla’s Model X, wrapped neatly in an irresistible package and topped up with genuine eco-cred, was presented to the world by Elon Musk who stated, “This is kind of the killer app for families. [The Model X] has more utility than a minivan, and better performance, much better performance than an SUV.” And come 2013, Model X will hit the markets; ready to give those internally combusted machines a run or better yet, a high speed race for their money!

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