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The 2014 BMW X7

BMW X7 has always been a newsmaker. Since its initial media leak and ostensible demise when the brand allegedly didn’t feel the need for a large SUV back in 2008, the X7 has been playing hide and seek quite well. 2011’s modestly improving economy and America’s relentless appetite for crossovers possible rekindles the project again. Once more there were all sorts of rumors and guesses regarding a possible coming of 2014 BMW X7. While some sources claimed that there is going to be the production of this full sized crossover others deny the new and said that all such plans are long gone. Well, for now, the big BMW X7 is right on its way back again all credits to the Chinese orders.

Said to bear the codename F17, the X7 would, in point of fact, be a long wheelbase version of the very platform that makes the basis of the X6 and X5. The question or rather a problem that arises is that the X5 and X6 already get poor enough fuel economy. As a matter of fact, this, appropriately, was the reason that X7 was dropped back in 2008. Instead the firm decided to spend its development time on the tinier X1 and X3 and its roll-out of diesels in the U.S. The change in the directions of the wind, however, for the large SUV is seen as a result of China pushing the issue.

Along with the X6 platform which is a long wheelbase, the F17 or 2014 BXW X7 is anticipated to take some of its features from the soon coming Audi Q9 and even maybe from the Mercedes GL new generation. Amongst new add-ons, a third row of seats, already detected, is a strong hint or rather a confirmation for more space, enough for 7 passengers.

The release date for the large crossover is a funny thing to predict since BMW X7 has a strong history of jumping out of nowhere and hiding again. Right now the firm is engaged in its project that includes bigger sedan exclusively for Chinese market, but surely that is not really enough to ramp up production of the efficient filling of incoming orders from China. Meanwhile, the brand is also paying attention to comply with sufficient level of supply for Germany and USA. America is considered as a way to rebound with a higher pace than wonderers might expect, by the company’s management, which in turn would result in a lowered need of rebalancing the process whose current rate was defined in the Seoul by some leaders gathered for a meeting. Another potentially shocking proposal was made at the meeting about the cancellation of production of the large new SUV for the American market.

While the 2014 BMW X7 is almost coming back triumphant and has a high chance of getting into production and released to the folks, chances of which are seen in the year 2018, one question still remains. It is yet not know which market the 2014 BMW X7 is meant for. USA or China?

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