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The all new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015 is an attention magnet!

They say that one can do anything but never hide their intention. It is ultimately true, especially so in case of vehicles. This wonderful, ever lively world of cars is always buzzing with new news stories and additions and inventions. And behind every new step that is taken, every strategy that is ever charted, there lies an intention or many intentions. It is to impress sometimes. On others, it is to increase sales or make a mark and appear to be better than a contender. However, when we talk about the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015, the intention is purely to take our breath away and we are not even exaggerating. Agreed that we have always been fond of Volkswagen and the variety of SUVs it has amazed us with but hold on, the best is yet to come! Don’t believe our word? Get to know the new Volkswagen better and you will find yourself nodding your head in agreement with us.

So, as experts are calling it, the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015 is a magnificent new member of the company’s soft roader cluster that includes the likes of Passat Alltrack. Revealed at the prestigious Paris Motor Show 2014, people are already making a big deal out of this one and why not! It has all the features that one can possibly ask for and even before this one begins to sell in the UK in the year 2015, it is likely to be talked about more than any other contender in the same segment. It is definitely, definitely a four-wheel drive for it is going to hit the UK market first which has actually make the Volkswagen followers a tad jealous and it is quite justifiable. Everyone’s eyes are set on the road waiting for the upcoming Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015.

What are the new features to watch out for in the new machine, you must be wondering! Well, there are a lot of them and the list goes on and on and on. It is enough to get you all ecxcited but we will only let you have a peek here to tease you. Let us begin with the ground clearance. The new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2015, has 20mm more in the name of  ground clearance than the previous model. We have heard that the suspension has been changed too and there are new aluminum touch lends itself beautifully to the facade and the back of the car. Wait, did we mention the plastic wrapping that graces this one, making it more graceful ? Talking about the car cabin, it is definitely re touched in a unique way. Moving on to the wheels, this one has alloy wheels and a radiator grille to make it exceptionally desirable. What the Volkswagen lovers are looking forward to is the four-motion all-wheel drive system as well as the electronic clutch. It comes with a lot of electronic systems and a world of promise. It is just a matter of time before we find out!

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