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The Mazda Hakaze Concept – An Avant-garde Approach

Drenched in the sultry tone of gold, the Mazda Hakaze concept is essentially the automaker’s future idea of a stylish looking compact crossover coupe with a roadster feel, which is also as practical as it can get. The brand, on its revelation back in 2007 claimed that if the Hakaze concept would get the cheers it deserves then the brand would put into production a not too dissimilar design. The name Hakaze finds its identity with a flying leaf, which is perfectly appropriate since Mazda is pushing the active lifestyle niche by making a strong connection to “kite-surfing”.

The  Mazda Hakaze compact crossover has just the same fluidity as its predecessors, along with all the typical show car trappings which include no door handles, exterior cameras in place of mirrors, insane lighting effects and such stuff. The brand asserts that albeit the fact that this C-segment vehicles is a CUV/SUV, yet it will feature the dynamics of a roadster, with taut handling and a partially removable roof. The surface of the car is evocative of the aforementioned concepts, drawing all of its inspiration from flowing sand dunes, which the Mazda’s design team calls the “flop” technique of color manipulation.

The Mazda Hakaze design concept has been conceived to be equipped with either a powerful DISI petrol engine or a diesel engine. The MZR 2.3 liter DISI petrol is a high performance turbocharged grunt featuring direct injection. This engine is mated to Mazda’s active torque split all wheel drive transmission. This being the Mazda’s then latest MZR petrol powertrain technology, is an ideal match to the adventurous and fun nature of the Mazda Hakaze. Delivering impressive power and high torque, the car delivers six speed sport automatic transmission and beach ready four wheel drive traction. One thing that strikes the most as you look at this amazing show car is its aerodynamic shape and lightweight body. This translates to the fact that not only the engine will make the drive in a Mazda Hakaze fun but would also use acceptable amount of petrol. The concept sports MacPherson front struts and multi-link rear suspension for agile, Zoom-Zoom handling, whether at the beach or in the city.

On the inside this concept is a triumph of form, texture and functionality. Nagare is a design concept developed by Mazda’s global design director, Laurens van den Acker. In Japanese the word means “flow” and “embodiment of movement” and the same is applied into the design of the Mazda Hakaze concept. Assistant chief designer, Jo Stenuit said, “Nagare is visible on the interior in the main surfaces, which are a combination of gently flowing volumes, with edges that slowly fade away.”

When the Mazda Hakaze is considered for production, the fact prevails that this concept would need to change. More conventional windshield pillars and regular hinged side doors would need to step in to make this dream SUV more practical. A distinct possibility would be an RX-8 type four door arrangement. Also, the interior would need more conventional seating and switchgear.

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