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The New 2013 Audi S3 – A Little Beast!

Audi S3 2013 - Feature PicAudi Motors has been among the top rated automobile manufacturing companies. It is a German company and has been owned largely by the Volkswagen Group. Now known for manufacturing and selling sports cars and bikes under the names of brands like Lamborghini, Ducati, etc., Audi has grown a exponentially over the time period of its existence. Audi is also known for the strong and excellent vehicles it produces. The company recently added the highly efficient A3 Sportback to its already magnificent collection of products that it offers to its customers.

Audi had recently launched a three door machine with the same concept some time ago in the United Kingdom, and now unveiled the five door version at the Paris Motor Show of 2012. The car features the traditional Audi looks that any car freak can recognise from a mile away, and the body is quite lean and stylish. Audi never leaves behind any chances of adding the little things in the designs of its cars. This five door version also features unparalleled comfort to all of its passengers and the boot space is also very impressive. The unique thing about the A3 Sportback is that it is a part of the Audi e-gas project and features a peculiar fuel system.

The car features a 13 gallon petrol or diesel tank, which is also accompanied by a ‘carbon neutral’ fuel system. In this technology, hydrogen gas is generated by the process of electrolysis, which is then made to combine with carbon dioxide, resulting in the production of methane gas (also called natural gas). Methane is known for its high calorific value and low pollution emission statistics. The A3 Sportback also offers very fine and impressive interiors. Everything about the interiors is lean and sophisticated. The controls and the steering wheel are quite smooth, and Audi offers interiors with colours matching that which is used on the exteriors!

Audi A3 Sportback would be coming in 6 different models in the coming future. However, only 3 of these models would be available for some time, and the remaining 3 would be launched later. The 3 models that are to be launched are – 2 TFSI turbocharged engines and one TDI diesel engine. One can choose from the basic SE trim, the Sport trim, and the high-end S Line trim. These three models feature a 1400cc, 1800 cc and 2000cc engines respectively. The 2000cc TDI engine is capable of thrusting the machine to a speed of 60 miles per hour (almost 100 kilometres per hour) in a time interval of 8.5 seconds. The fuel economy offered by this engine is more than a baffling figure of 60 miles per gallon! Audi’s carbon neutral feature has indeed worked well!

Audi has planned of launching one more TFSI model and two TDI models in the near future. All these models would feature strong and efficient engines. The high fuel economy accompanied by the comfort that the car offers make the A3 Sportback one of the best cars available in its price range!

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