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The new style icon Fiat 500 2015 is going to take your love to next level

The Fiat 500 isn’t really new to us, is it? For years it has been around and making us drool over it for so many reasons. Especially, because this one is British heartthrob, it has made many entries, each time with some facelift. Since its launch in the year 2007, when there was much furor over what a wonder it was, there have been only great things doing rounds among vehicle lovers. It is definitely the blue eyed boy of the Fiat company and that is why, with uncontrollable excitement, we share with you the news of the upcoming Fiat 500 2015, that is one hundred percent gorgeous and with all the facelift, it is ready to rock our world, yet again!

Fiat 500, when it featured on the cover page of the CAR, the popular motor magazine, took many lives. Now imagine, the upcoming Fiat 500 2015 with all new features and facelift and you can already hear people gasping for more air! The point to keep in mind is that the Fiat Company has, time and again, given us amazing small wonders. However, with the new product, we can see it is not really restricting itself to just small sizes. We have heard that the sales haven’t been too promising for the company of late and we also know that good days are not too far away! Why, the ultimate upcoming Fiat 500 2015 was revealed to the world at the 2014 motor show in Paris and was it a spectacular sight or what!
Most people who set their eyes on this one have been very impressed and are sure that this is going to make the town talk.

So, while largely the looks haven’t really been touched and changed, the space overall stays the same, too! All of this makes sense considering it is one of the more popular babies that fiat has produced and it only made sense to not touch the features that are overall liked by the world. Only those things that really make a machine to die for have been revamped and retouched, like the engine, for instance. Add to it the new trim levels and of course, the awesome interiors that are sure to shake the daylights out of most of us! And we have one more rocking piece of news – this beauty is available in two variants – hatchback as well as convertible and we have never been happier!

Don’t even get us started on the engine of the upcoming Fiat 500 2015 for it sure is the next level contender – at 104 bhp, this TwinAir power house is sort of a first in its league but that is not all. There is also a jazzy TFT digi-display that can be fitted, not to forget the all new range of colors, the chic upholstery and sturdier wheels. Whether you pick a hatchback or convertible, it doesn’t matter how you tame this stylish machine, as long as you get to do it!

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