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The swanky new Volkswagen Passat is an absolute winner!

There are some things that need not be reiterated because they are right there, staring us directly into our eyes. As you must have noticed, there are some vehicles that needn’t be introduced with fancy words and phrases. These vehicles are effortless winners, which are designed with such finesse that a look at them will tell you all you need to know about them. When talking about vehicles, Volkswagen has always been a league apart from its contenders, in ters of offerings and performance, not to mention the subtle attitude that each one of them exudes. There is no debating the fact that it has given the world some of the most stunning machines that have etched their excellence in our heads. Now, adding to that long list the upcoming SUV Volkswagen Passat that is packed with many inspiring features. Let’s get to know it better to be able to appreciate it more.

So, the first and the most important feature of the upcoming Volkswagen Passat is a midsize sedan, which offers a front wheel drive and an experience that is truly unmatched. For all those who don’t know it already, the Passat is leading the midsize sedan segment owing to its fantastic fuel efficiency and the generous legroom that its rear seat offers. This beauty is available in as many as four variants which gives its fans a choice to pick one that befits their specific requirements. Did we tell you that each variant comes with a number of trims? Well, certainly, however, it is the sport model that doesn’t come with a trim. All in all, there are a lot of options in terms of the wonderful Passat experience and you can have your pick with this motor wonder.

What else does the SUV upcoming Volkswagen Passat promise, you must be wondering! Well, it has an ultimately new diesel engine that comes with 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, also fitted with a 5-speed transmission. All this gets even better and irresistible when we move on to the pricing. This one is priced very intelligently – it is affordable but it also maintains its exclusivity. So, anyone setting their hands on this Volkswagen creation is not going to feel ordinary by any stretch of imagination. With the approximate fuel economy around 30 mpg city/44 that is offered specially on the highway, this one is bound to make anyone in it, supremely wow. If you thought that was all, allow us to add a range of 814 miles. In fact, the brand new TDI variant comes packed with increased horsepower, too. Do you still think you can resist it? If yes, then think again!

There are a number of big and small changes that have taken place. For instance, the upcoming Volkswagen SUV Passat has a rearview camera, ultimate sound system that too with no less than 8 speakers! There is also an additional satellite radio along with intelligent rain-sensing wipers. We can easily go on and on about the upcoming Volkswagen Passat, but we want you to find out for yourself!

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