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The upcoming BMW 2 series Active Tourer- Plain Beauty

There are sets of expectations that you have from certain brands, more so, from vehicle brands. Every brand, with its unique offerings, has made it clear to people, their signature style, engineering and additions. They have, over years, specified the segments that they would venture into. So, people know certain brands restrict themselves to offering luxury; others limit themselves to sports cars and the works. Not that a brand doesn’t offer a mix, but even the different vehicles belonging to different segments bear the signature style and engineering details. Don’t we all have in our heads, everything that BMW stands for and has been offering? We do, right! BMW has been driving aspirations for years now and that too not just in one place, but also all over the world. When people mention BMW it is with certain verve in their voice, for it has definitely offered a number of desirable vehicles for us but this time what it has up its sleeve is a pleasant surprise. The upcoming BMW 2 series Active Tourer is the company’s bold attempt into entering a segment that it hasn’t really entered so far. It has got people talking about what made the premium car brand enter this segment, which is actually a valid question.

Who wouldn’t wonder what is BMW doing, taking a break from offering premium vehicle? However, one can totally look at it as something that is, may be, going to pave the way for other brands who want to try something new but are perhaps lacking the boldness of breaking away from the impression they have created over the years. It is no easy business, which is why the upcoming BMW 2 series Active Tourer is the pivot of all the questions that one can imagine. The other thing that has gotten the motor enthusiasts wondering is how successful is the brand going to be in this segment? Will it really be able to deliver excellence like it has been doing so far? It is a question worth considering. Of course, there is a 2-series coupe that comes with it.

No doubt the upcoming BMW 2 series Active Tourer is compact like you would expect, even as its other traditional BMW features are in place too! So, it is not just some random offering from BMW. It is very rightly the company’s strong belief in this segment, which is what appears to be a little shocking too! Who would have seen this coming that the upcoming BMW 2 series Active Tourer would be the first UKL offering from the company? Not many people even though the trend has been to shock people and keep their interest intact and if nothing, then give them some thing to talk about!

There will still be doubts whether BMW entering the non-premium segment is a wise move at all but then who can tell? The confidence that one needs to break away from convention is definitely there with BMW. And, no matter what the company does, it is highly unlikely that it will disappoint people!

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