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Upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016-The Harbinger Of Change

It is wisely said that to go with the flow is the easiest thing to do! So, no resistance, you just go ahead and do what everyone else around you is doing, what everyone else is preparing for! That is why perhaps, the importance of the one who initiates a change is considered too be really high. When a brand or a product brings in change it establishes itself as daring, as not scared of changes, not worries about challenges and that, in turn, establishes a winner, a clear one that can’t be defeated. In the fickle motor world, while everyone else goes by the popular trends and makes sure that they are not very different from what the public demands, there has emerged in front of us, the upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016. It had always been the different one, no doubt but this time, it is very daring too! It has taken the micro car segment by a storm and we are sure it is going to win a lot of hearts when it does hit the roads in 2016.

There were times when people would not take Smart Fortwo very seriously. In fact there still are people who feel that the upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016 isn’t serious business also because the car has had the reputation of exuding quirkiness and unapologetic different looks. It isn’t any thing like your regular beauties, you would definitely agree! Wouldn’t you?  However, isn’t that half the charm of this unique beauty? Isn’t it great that there is one vehicle that makes sure we don’t get bored with the same old looks, same old offerings. It is, we feel, very nice if there comes by a vehicle that is like a whiff of fresh air, isn’t scared to be different and allows room for more possibilities with its unconventional attitude!

The upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016, we can safely tell you, has a lot of new additions that are worthy of mentioning here. So, by all means, expect new powertrains that are going to be fitted into this beauty! Also make sure that you are well prepared for its stronger and sturdier frame. It is definitely a great move, one that is going to add to the list of people who dare to be impressed with this one!

From what we have heard from credible news sources, the upcoming Smart Fortwo 2016 is going to delight Europe with a variant fitted with two engines. What about the rest of the world you ask? Well, honestly, the company has kept mum about any dates or releases in the rest of the world. So far, only Europe is going to receive this spectacular creation. What we have also heard though is the fact that there is going to be an innovative six-speed dual clutch automatic that will be fitted with this beauty! This sounds very promising especially in terms of performance, which is sure to get enhanced immensely with the help of this new addition. All we are now looking forward to is the year 2016!


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