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2016 Volvo SUV – More Luxurious than Rugged

From what Volvo has always led us to believe is that it is really not into chic designs. Look back at all the years that have gone by to know what we are saying. In fact, as a motor enthusiast, chances are that you would be familiar with the signature Volvo style when it comes to vehicle designing. From Volvo 144 to Volvo 850 Estate, talk about any creation by this Swedish company and you won’t spot any delicate curves whatsoever. They have all sported a very confident, strong look, some times even intimidating and in the I-couldn’t-care less area! So when we heard about a new Volvo SUV in 2016, we played safe and imagined it to be adventurous and not a beauty, so to say.

Well, we can now put our imagination to rest, for we do know more about it. Going by that we have a clear idea as to what to expect.

The web is all flooded with the pictures of the gorgeous Volvo second generation XC90 SUV. The full details are yet to be revealed though, but it has set the tone right for what is to come. So, here is the deal. This Volvo SUV 2016 is not as adventurous as we had expected it to be. No, it is not! Surprised! Well, you will be delighted too for it is a perfect blend of the outgoing XC90’s estate-like form and enhanced muscles, not to mention some next-gen light technology. Has Volvo caught us off-guard or what? More muscles yet lighter technology? From whatever little the pictures have revealed to us, this Volvo SUV sports a more masculine, rather rugged exterior. It dons dark, dense plastic moldings that grace its bumpers, wheel arches and side skirts. All of this detailing suggests that the company has invested a significant amount of time in designing the interiors and making it look swanky and modern.

Let’s move further into the details of this mid-size luxury Volvo SUV 2016. This time, it comes with a dashboard and contains a gigantic tablet-style screen tilted towards the driver. It serves as an intelligent replacement of the buttons and controls in the center area. Well, what can we say, all the time and engineering that went into creating this one seems quite worth it all! There are more facts that make this Volvo SUV more desirable than ever before. It is the first car ever to be created according to the company’s very own Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) modular chassis, credited to the in-house team.

Earlier, the company has said that this upcoming Volvo SUV will have a powertrain lineup that will contain several four-cylinder petrol and diesel Drive-E engines. In addition, these will also flaunt a range-topping T8 Hybrid powered by a 2.0-liter supercharged gasoline unit driving the front wheels. While an 80hp electric motor will take control of the rear axle, for a combined output of 400hp, there will be a D5 twin-turbo diesel with 190hp and 225hp, too.

Volvo XC90 SUV, you have won our heart already!

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