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Upcoming Volvo XC90-Sure to Sweep You off your Feet!

Time changes and how quickly! Wouldn’t we all agree? When it comes to motor world in particular, the trends and the offerings evolve so quickly, sometimes over night that one has to try so hard to catch up with things and move along. So, one day you wake up and see the trend is around a specific feature and the next day, you wake up you realize what you were obsessing over is long gone and what is here to stay is some other new trend. So, those who have been following the motor world for long would know that over the years, Volvo has definitely evolved. It is one brand that has definitely surprised everyone with the way it has treaded the path to change! Why else would we be so surprised when we look ten years back and find Volvo launching XC90 and still stick with the same beauty today, except drastically changed and for good! The upcoming Volvo XC90 has come a long way, hasn’t it? You would agree if you have seen its journey that started off a decade ago. Today, it has come a long way off and we are not surprised that it is absolutely mind blowing the way it is today!

The upcoming Volvo XC90 is a world apart from the one that was launched in 2002 and it is primarily something that is affected by a lot of factors. The world was a different place ten years ago. It has fast evolved in the past decade in terms of demands, technology and offerings! What was considered an innovative addition, today can be called a basic requirement or a feature. Which is why, even the older version of XC90 was very popular because it was befitting what the people wanted back then. However, if one were to take in to consideration how come the company has managed to maintain its product’s popularity, it is almost a miracle because it still has one engine variant, a 3.2 liter l-6 that is accompanied by six speed automatic. It is something that surprises a lot of people and impresses them at the same time!

No one knows what works wonders really! The price too was around $40,000 for the previous version but the upcoming Volvo XC90 one is going to be far from it! And it won’t appear to be unreasonable is all we can say. It won’t be a price that would make you wonder why on earth it is so high! In fact, if anything it will make you feel pretty good about it. Come to think of it, there is a reason why the upcoming Volvo XC90 has stirred the market with its announcement. If a vehicle that has already sold more than 55,000 units without any major additions except some serious facelift, then there has got to be something to it! Well, all we can say is let’s wait for the Volvo XC 90 to hit the road and find out!

Twelve years, a new owner (China-based Geely automotive), and just one major face-lift later, the Volvo XC90 is still here, having sold more than 550,000 units worldwide. There’s just one engine option now, a 3.2-liter I-6 that makes all of 240 hp and is mated to a six-speed automatic. The base price sits at a shade over $40,000 including destination. But all that’s about to change for the 2016 model year.

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