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Volkswagen Launches Convenient Mid-Size SUV CrossBlue Concept

A large number of SUV lovers would ask you “Who doesn’t?” if asked that whether they love the Volkswagen Touareg or not! Being an insanely powerful yet a very elegant SUV at the same time, the Touareg has gained enough popularity within the years of its sale to be counted among the best SUVs that ever cruised on the surface of earth. Now Volkswagen wants more. Seeing the recent upsurge in the sales of mid-sized and compact SUVs, the company just introduced the concept of a mid-size SUV. Apparently, Volkswagen wishes to touch new skies this time. It is quite worthy of noting here that if the Cross Blue goes into production, then it will mean that Volkswagen would feature a complete fleet of highly efficient SUVs, the compact Tiguan, the mid-sized Cross Blue and the full sized Touareg.

The Volkswagen Cross Blue Mid-Sized SUV Concept was revealed at the North American International Show. Gaining popularity at its global debut, the Cross Blue Concept became one of the most celebrated concepts at the show. The fact that it can seat six passengers quite comfortably without being a huge tank sized vehicle makes it a very desirable choice among SUV lovers. Volkswagen says that the vehicle was specifically designed for North America as a good number of people can travel in it without being stuck in every corner and square.

Any company that introduces new concepts meant for cities and doesn’t incorporate a hybridised driving technology would be beaten by those who do. Apparently, Volkswagen is quite aware of this fact, and yes, the Cross Blue features a diesel driven engine hybridised with electric motors. Considering using only the electric motors? Well, make sure there’s a diesel pump within 14 miles of your route, as fully charged batteries won’t be able to take you any further. The diesel engine and the hybridised motors together produce a power of 305 horsepower. This power is used to produce a torque of 516 lb. – ft. of torque. This torque is sufficient for thrusting the vehicle from standstill to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in 7.2 seconds. Pretty decent for a family car meant for cities!

The Cross Blue, being a hybrid, boasts of an incredible fuel economy. Estimates by experts reveal that the vehicle can run around 35 miles on the cost of every gallon of diesel that you feed it with. Running on electricity alone, you will be gifted with an economy of 89 MPGE.

Coming to interiors and exteriors, we can assure you that there’s nothing to worry about. We’re talking about a Volkswagen after all! Just like the Touareg, the SUV looks extremely masculine and stylish from outside. You can expect the subtle boldness that you might want in a perfect SUV. However, the Cross Blue is equally elegant and comfortable on the inside. Expect many of the desirable futuristic technologies and luxuries! We just hope that the Cross Blue goes into production, and not just remains a concept, as Volkswagen has indeed done a great job keeping a family SUV in mind!

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