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We’re Captivated By The Honda E Touchscreen Dashboard

Anyone who can work a smartphone can work the touchscreen dashboard of the new Honda E, which, by the way, has already captivated experts. From the exterior to the interior, the Honda E is living up to the hype. The dashboard that has pillar-to-pillar screens is the main event in the cabin.

Honda recently released a video about how a driver can work and interact with its new dashboard. The panel is composed of five high-definition color displays while two six-inch screens on the edges show the feed from the exterior camera mirrors.

The driver will enjoy the 8.8-inch TFT screen in front. This shows the digital instrument cluster. In the middle of that long panel of the screen are two 12.3-inch LCD screens where the infotainment system is located.

These screens can be customized. All the driver has to do is swipe the tiles to move them from the options menu on the left to the column that shows the favorite apps. A button located above the favorites menu cascades the open tiles so the driver can get back to the previous screen.

The input portion is on the left screen and the display portion is on the right. Both the driver and the passenger can work the screens separately. The driver can use the navigation buttons on the left while the passenger can tinker with the DJ on the other side. Depending on what phone is plugged in, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be mirrored on the screens. When the car stops, the dashboard can play videos streamed from the phone via the Honda E’s wi-fi hotspot.

The Honda Personal Assistant is integrated with the dashboard. All you need to say is “Ok Honda” to call the assistant. It understands natural speech, much like Siri and Hey Mercedes, when changing the settings in the cabin or online services. A smartphone app in your phone is used as a digital key to lock and unlock the car, as well as to precondition it.


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