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What’s 100% smashing? Definitely the upcoming Chrysler 200!

Every car has a personality, don’t you agree! It is almost like these cars are blokes, each with a set of unique traits! So, imagine what we call the retro era, actually gave us cars that did justice to the retro imagery. Didn’t all the cars that hit us around the rock and roll age look like rock stars, in every sense of the word. The colors were oh-so-vibrant, as was the grille work and the headlights were like total stunners! And it wasn’t just music or fashion that inspired vehicles. There are some that are inspired by human emotions. There are some that are ferocious, some others that are cool and quaint. There are many which are cheerful, merry, blue or even serious. Magnetic, wise and fiery, there have been and there will be vehicles that will be all that and more. Which is exactly the reason why the upcoming Chrysler 200 has made it to our list of top favorites. This one is brimming with life, absolutely youthful and energetic. It is like a high-powered dose of charisma and we just can’t wait to find out more about this one.

The upcoming Chrysler 200 is being considered the company’s proud venture into the midsized sedan segment, which makes it ultimately special, for the company as well as the people who have been waiting with a bated breath. It is beautifully packed with innovative additions, ones that make it stand out and one can safely conclude that make it nothing like another SUVs that are currently present in the market. The most outstanding feature of this miracle-on-wheels is its new transmission. Yes, this one flaunts a 9-speed Automatic gearbox, which makes it more desirable than ever before. In fact, when compared to all the vehicles from yesteryears, this one has an edge over all of them and very effortlessly, at that.

So, the gearbox is ultimate but could you have expected any less than this from the upcoming Chrysler 200, which is the result of two trailblazers Chrysler and Fiat! And trust us, or actually, trust the word that is doing rounds in the motor world, that this one has more features than one that are sure to set it apart in this cut-throat competitive age. Firstly, its engineering is certainly ace and then add to it the price, which is affordable in a never before way. Won’t say much here as it takes away the surprise element out of the story. What’s more, the upcoming Chrysler 200 has to-die-for exteriors, even though there are many who are pointing out a distant similarity between Dodge Dart and this wonder. However, since other features are so distinct and irresistible that one doesn’t mind even if it is safely inspired by some other vehicle.

Moving on to interiors, it is like a whiff of fresh air from inside. Add to this the grand 108 inch wheelbase along with the magnificence of the 2.4 liter MultiAir 2 Tigershark Inline Four! Suddenly the transmission seems like a small thing, making our wait, even tougher!

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