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Why Drive an SUV?

Are you hesitant about purchasing a new SUV? After all, sometimes the full-sized vehicles get a bad rap for their negative impact on the environment. However, as auto companies continue to find fuel-efficient ways to power the large vehicles, it’s becoming quite apparent just how appealing they can be. The crossover SUV, in particular, has really been dominating the auto market recently.

Reasons to Drive an SUV:

  • A Roomy Interior: SUVs are known for being spacious enough to handle all of your family members and their corresponding cargo. Though SUVs don’t have the same cargo carrying capacity of a truck, they are quite capable of transporting large furniture and huge groups of people. Their interiors are also quite versatile. With the seats folded down or up, there are many options available for storage. A few SUVs even offer power tailgates like trucks do, so drivers have easy access for space. In short, they offer many of the same advantages of a van without being as bulky. They’re also much more appealing to look at. Some SUVs hold up to eight or more passengers, and if you have a large family this is extremely important. Some of the most roomy SUVs on the market include the Chevy Suburban, the Ford Expedition, the Lincoln Navigator, and the Cadillac Escalade.
  • Powerful Insides: SUVs are powerful because they typically boast a six- or eight-cylinder engine. And, though a standard SUV may only produce around 200 horsepower, ultra-powerful models like the BMW X6 M achieve well over 500 horsepower. As mentioned, most SUVs, like trucks, are capable of towing up to a few tons, which means that family boating activities are always an option. Because many SUVs are also equipped with 4WD, off-road activities can also be a viable option. 4WD capability also means that an SUV will also be able to safely navigate in all types of weather, be it a snow storm, a rainy afternoon, or a beautiful summer day.
  • Precise Handling: Though each SUV comes with its own degree of handling, most SUVs have quite excellent handling capabilities. Of course, 4WD is a big part of this, as it allows for use in remote or hard-to-reach areas. Other SUVs may be equipped with all-wheel drive, which is also helpful in all-weather situations. Either way, have a drivetrain that handles well on all types of terrain and road surfaces is essential for the adventurous types. Excellent handling also means that many SUVs can respond quite quickly in situations where reactions are key.

To be fair, there are also downsides to driving an SUV. As previously mentioned, fuel ecomony can be an issue, but there are safety factors to consider as well. Though vehicles continue to get safer each year, SUVs can have more potential to roll over than other types of vehicles. With the IIHS cracking down on rollover safety ratings, however, this is becoming less of a concern.

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