Used 2012 Renault Duster SUV Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of the 2012 Renault Duster SUV

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 Pros The Duster SUV is very reasonably priced considering all of the features that it comes with on even the most basic version. It is well worth the purchase price with the reliability that drivers expect.

 Pros Safety is made top priority so there is no mistaking that all occupants of the vehicle will be safe in all situations, which is more than just a convenience to passengers and makes it more likely to be used for the intention that it was designed.

 Pros This car is compact enough to be driven in the city as well as on the outskirts of town, which makes it easy for drivers to go from one to the other and makes the Duster SUV more appealing to buyers.

 Pros Low running costs are made possible because of the lower fuel consumption and the overall reliability of the Duster.

 Pros The interior features are designed with passengers in mind, making it comfortable no matter where it goes and practical for day to day driving. They are designed to be easily accessible and make the driving, or riding, experience a great one.

 Pros There is no doubt that the Duster is capable of handling any road or turn that comes its way. It not only has the looks of an off road vehicle but the handling capabilities as well with various stability features that ensure optimal driving no matter what the conditions are.

 Pros Spacious throughout the entire vehicle for further comfort of passengers.

 Cons As a vehicle designed for all terrain driving, four wheel drives should be standard and not simply an option that can be added. Typical off road vehicles are automatically equipped with four wheel drive to maintain the vehicles ability to get where it is going.

 Cons Limited storage compartments for the smaller things in life. Although there is plenty of trunk space to hold larger items, there is not a whole lot in terms of where to put the items most likely to get lost while out on the trails.