Used 2014 Tesla Model X Electric SUV Crossover Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings of the 2014 Tesla Model X Electric SUV Crossover

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If the super sleek exterior of the 2014 Tesla Model X does not get you hooked, then perhaps what is (or isn't) under the hood will. It will be offered in both a 60 and 85kWh battery, with three different drivetrain configurations. These include two motors all-wheel drive, one motor rear-wheel drive, two motors all-wheel drive high \"performance\" models. It is suggested that the performance configuration is going to achieve zero to 60 mph in an unheard of 4.4 seconds, but this theory will need to wait to be proven. Although one motor offers plenty of power, it is the second one that manages to increase torque by 50 percent.

Since the Tesla Model X will be on almost the identical chassis and powertrain as the Model S sedan, one can expect that it will offer a sporty yet unbelievable smooth ride.


• Touchscreen: The touchscreen in the Model X is far nicer than most computers. It is gorgeous! It powers on to whatever the last function was, and the most commonly used control always stays at the bottom of the screen. It features interactive maps, live streaming music, internet and you can even open your panoramic roof with it.
• Panoramic Roof: This lightweight safety glass blocks 81 percent of heat and 98 percent of visible light, so even on the hottest day, the cabin stays cool. Swipe the touchscreen and it opens wide enough to offer a convertible-like feeling. One can only assume that there will be a lot more bells and whistles to be enjoyed on the 2013 Tesla Model X as well.


There is no way of knowing how the model will perform in crash tests, and there is a good chance at its high price point that it may never be tested. With it falling in line with the Model S, it should have a low center of gravity and high torsional rigidity.

The battery is liquid cooled, which prevents cells from becoming overheated and deadly in a crash. A few safety features that you can expect to see include:

• Rigid occupant cell
• Eight airbags
• Front crumple zones
• Traction control
• Stability control


What is there to say about the exterior that has not already taken your breath away? The entire vehicle appears to be seamless. Graceful lines flow from the fierce front bumper over the all-glass panoramic roof. Of course, the main attraction are the Falcon Wing rear side doors that rise high above the car to offer access to the rear seats.


The Model X offers seating for seven adults, with more than enough headroom for all. Rear seat passengers will find themselves short in legroom. In all fairness, the third seat is best for children, and since the Falcon Doors offer easy access, loading and unloading little ones is a breeze.

As you would expect, the cabin is just as futuristic as the vehicle itself, boasting a beautiful blend of real wood and leather on the dash. The focal point is the 17-inch touchscreen that provides mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity, and puts all functions at your fingertips.


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Rating: 1.8/5
88 users voted